Macaulay Culkin Posts A Hilarious Reaction To The Upcoming Disney’s Home Alone Reboot (23 Pics)

Published 5 years ago

Movie reboots seem to be all the rage these days and just recently Disney announced another one. This time they’re rebooting another one of our childhood classics – the 1990 hit Home Alone.

Following the announcement, Macaulay Culki, the actor who played Kevin in the first two movies, posted a picture to Twitter with the caption “This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like,” sparking hilarious reactions from Home Alone fans everywhere.

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Image credits: IncredibleCulk

Image credits: IncredibleCulk

Macaulay uploaded the hilarious picture of himself plopped down on a couch eating leftover pasta and wrote “Hey @Disney, call me!” in a following post. Now that’s a reboot we’d like to see!

Twitter users found the picture absolutely hilarious

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