People Are Saying Disney “Ruined” Cinderella With The Blu-Ray Restoration (10 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

It has been almost 70 years since Disney released the Cinderella animated film. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that modern technologies advanced significantly during those years and the film saw various re-releases on all sorts of different video formats. Not that long ago, Cinderella was released on the Blu-ray format and you might think that’s great – you can finally watch the classic film in high definition from the comfort of your own couch. But it turns out that not everyone is loving the new restoration.

Fans of the classic film are saying Disney ruined it with the Blu-ray restoration and are posting screenshots that prove their point. Check out some examples below!

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People are saying Disney actually reduced the quality of Cinderella with the Blu-ray restoration

Image credits: stephen_duignan


Where are her arms, where is the detail in her gown!? Even parts of sparkles are gone


Big parts of the Fairy Dust in the sky are missing

One of the biggest critics of the Cinderella Blu-ray restoration is Imgur user i124nk8. “They misnamed ‘Cinderella’ if they think they restored it. Restored should restore detail and not remove it completely,” said the user in a recent interview with Bored Panda. “The live-action remakes are soulless. Don’t ask me, ask my 4 and 6-year-old daughters. They will always choose the animated original over the live-action remakes.”


Where is his right hand touching her arm? Where is the red of his trousers?

4. The lining on his shoulder parts is the same color but darker as the parts themselves

Here the lining on the shoulder parts is blue instead of the brownish color it should be

The die-hard Cinderella fans are saying Disney practically ruined the film by changing the colors and lighting and even scrubbing out some lines. Others, however, say that people are blowing this way out of proportion.

5. Here the sparkles are bright white and the lines in the red curtains are dark red as they should

Where are all the creases in the fabric of her grown? Where are the lines in her left hand?

6. Here she has arms, her gown sparkles and shows detail and the stairs are royally red

Left marble staircases yellow!? Blue spots around her head and yellow lines on the stairs?


The Fairy’s light blue blouse is missing

8. Bright sparkles and a detailed gown. Detail on street. Warm glow coming put of the palace

Everything cold greenish. Blue shadows on stair cases, green shadow on carriage top piece?

9. Pumpkin lines on the carriage and copper brasses on the horses’ harnesses

Blue and Green horses!? With no detail and Pink tales!? No driver’s jacket slip


Where is the warm glowing light coming out of the palace?

Some people were even comparing the Blu-ray release to Cecilia Giménez’s 2012 restoration of the Ecce Homo painting.

Image credits: stephen_duignan

Image credits: stephen_duignan

Image credits: stephen_duignan

Image credits: stephen_duignan

This is not the first time Disney messed up classic movie restorations

Image credits: Freddy2

“Look at the loss of detail in the grass on the BD. Look at the fuzziness of every single line. Look at the loss of detail and shades on the trees,” writes user Freddy2.

Image credits: Freddy2

Image credits: Freddy2

“The wanted poster looked like old paper with sharp printing on it. Now it looks flat and out of focus. Not to mention the DNR effect on the wood structure and the loss of contrast in the closet.”

Image credits: Freddy2

Disney fans on Twitter pointed out even more examples

Image credits: Chewi105

Image credits: rachaelccamp

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