40 Of The Most Creative Easter Decors Designed By Crafters

Published 3 weeks ago

As Easter approaches, many of us eagerly anticipate this cherished holiday, symbolizing hope and rejuvenation. Regardless of religious affiliation, Easter has become synonymous with delightful decorations, featuring adorable bunnies, fluffy chicks, and vibrant eggs. Some individuals go above and beyond in their preparations, showcasing extraordinary creativity and imagination.

Venturing into the depths of the internet, our team unearthed a treasure trove of DIY Easter decorations that are both creative and visually stunning. Prepare to be inspired by these heartfelt displays of festive spirit!

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#1 My Easter Bunny

Image source: Alaya_21

#2 I Made My Dog A Carrot Hat For Easter

Image source: sookpit

#3 Crochet Bunny Headbands, They Stay Up Surprisingly Well Even Though There Are No Wires

Image source: eeggs

#4 Meet Elsie, Sitting Pretty With Her Pale Blue Easter Basket With Flowers And Speckled Eggs. She’s A Kind Bunny With The Most Beautifully Embroidered Inner Ears And Footpads

Image source: TheWordOfErynn

#5 Felted Easter Bunny Wreath For My Mom

Image source: purplebunnies123

#6 Made This Carton Of Easter Eggs Entirely Out Of Scrap Glass. There Were So Many Color Possibilities To Choose From, Even Snuck In A Little Iridescent Egg In There Too

Image source: three_glass_birds

#7 Egg-Cellent Easter Tree Decorations

Image source: thehoopinhand

#8 My Handmade Easter Gifts

Image source: marina_demse_handmade

#9 I Whipped Up This Cutie For Easter. The Carrot Does Stand Up, Just Looks A Little Stretched Due To Bunny Being Done In A Slightly Thicker Yarn

Image source: ShoeBillStorkyPants

#10 A Basket Of Candles, Just In Time For Easter

Image source: louandco.candles

#11 Easter Eggs. Done A Little Differently This Year. This year I created scenes inside some large plastic eggs. I made one for one of my daughters-in-law, a couple of friends, my mom, and my granddaughter. I think they loved them and they were fun to make too.

Image source: ladylucinda22

#12 This Year My Hat Is Called “An Easter Night At The Opera”

Image source: Pomchi_Puppy

#13 Easter Is Such An Amazing Spring Festival. Since We Collected 26,000 Acorns Back In Fall, We Made These Little Decorations

Image source: kindwaldundwiese

#14 Chicken Vases Made Of Recycled Drop-In Glasses. Fill some of the container with paint, cover the opening and shake until the paint is well distributed, allow it to dry. You can use some felt for the beak and feet. Stick it to the glass with a hot glue gun and your chicken vase is done!

Image source: franzworks

#15 Just Finished A New Easter Wreath

Image source: ohsweetcarrots

#16 Easter Bunny In A Carrot And A Little Chick In An Egg

Image source: Fiona_dolls

#17 I’ve Booked Some Craft Fairs In The Next Month, So Getting Ready With Some Easter Felts

Image source: wroteandwrit86

#18 Lilacs, Lavender, And Bunnies

Image source: EclecticEthic

#19 Handmade Bunnies With Delicately Embroidered Wool Jackets

Image source: bedbathntable

#20 My Wife Just Finished This Easter Overalls And Cardigan Set

Image source: commonpeople84

#21 Add Some Grass To Paper Cups And Place Eggs Inside. Pom-Poms And Paper Feet Make It Easy To Turn The Eggs Into Bunnies

Image source: fraeullein_jasmin

#22 Bunny Hats I Made For My Foster Kittens For Easter

Image source: annoyedbyfigguy

#23 I’ve Never Made Easter Earrings Before, But I Love How They Turned Out

Image source: studiozero39

#24 Felted Easter Egg

Image source: ChloKins

#25 I Love Street Art. It Must Be A Joy To See Each New Piece As You Cross It

Image source: _MikeMcCartney_

#26 Felt Easter Eggs Ornaments

Image source: FeltHerbs

#27 My Needle-Felted Easter Bunny

Image source: Uniquewoolgifts

#28 I Made Some Chocolate Bunny Earrings

Image source: SemisweetCharms

#29 We Made Our Own Bunny Finger Print Wrapping Paper Using Some Simple Kraft Paper

Image source: latteandlullabies

#30 Have A Cozy Easter Morning With These Fluffy Crochet Egg Warmers

Image source: bomuldskys

#31 Easter Eggs And Basket All Finished. Now Alexa Wants To Hide Them

Image source: DeboBird

#32 I Made A Decoration That Has Been On My Mind For A Long Time. This Is A Very Nice Idea For The Easter Table. The decoration is in the form of a circle glued together from blown eggs. I used large goose eggs, but you can also use chicken eggs. After gluing, I filled three of the blown shells with moss and small candles, and the remaining ones with spring plants. Goose eggs can fit into a glass of water, so the plants can be alive. For smaller eggs, you can use dried flowers, twigs, or artificial flowers.

Image source: bogacz_agnieszka

#33 I Made A Bunny In A Bonnet For Easter

Image source: wroteandwrit86

#34 Finished This Jackalope Just In Time For Easter. In the “before” shot you can see the original stitches with extra added strands to the front for an extra tuft of fur. The brushed out yarn ended up looking so cool! I did my best to make it look realistic.

Image source: touchinbutt2butt

#35 Colorful Spring Night Lights. Perfect Craft To Make With The Kids

Image source: pfefferminzgruen

#36 I Made This Little Mushy Guy With Real Mushrooms And Moss

Image source: hazelwoodcottage

#37 Made A Wreath Just In Time For Easter

Image source: Rayray888

#38 Easter Bunny

Image source: zolychka

#39 These Little Dolls Are Just The Perfect Size To Add A Touch Of Magic To Your Easter Basket

Image source: mespetiteslunesdolls

#40 My Felt Easter Chick In The Eggshell, Lamb And Bunny Cubs

Image source: feltFairydoll

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