20 Insanely Weird Recipes That People Actually Made For Vintage Parties

Published 1 year ago

Most of us have a healthy love of food which may translate to some exciting and interesting food experiments as well. Specially, during the season with many Christmas lunches or dinners tending to be a potluck these amazing dishes tend to make a comeback and are usually looked forward to with much fervor.

While we certainly enjoy a good potluck the following dishes that were brought to parties back in the day may have you doing a double take for all the wrong reasons. There’re some truly weird recipes that people used to follow to create some rather odd and downright disgusting dishes. Take a look at some of the bizarre and rather questionable preparations our ancestors used to partake of as shared on a Facebook group called, “Disgusting Vintage Recipes.”

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Image source: Tobi McCullough


Image source: Sarah Hayden


Image source: Kimmy Petrino


Image source: Sarah Hayden


Image source: Anthony Wisler


Image source: Jenn Wild


Image source: Anthony Wisler


Image source: Barbara Camacho


Image source: Ethan Allen


Image source: Barbara Camacho



Image source: Anthony Wisler


Image source: Rich Mintz


Image source: Anthony Wisler


Image source: Anthony Wisler


Image source: Mira Zacchaeus


Image source: Erik Royek


Image source: Anthony Wisler


Image source: Anthony Wisler


Image source: Anthony Wisler


Image source: Liam Unseine

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