30 “Easter Eggs” People Spotted In The Most Unexpected Places

Published 8 months ago

In gaming, the term ‘Easter Egg’ became popular as a means to represent a hidden surprise or extra feature that a player can find and enjoy as an extra benefit. 

In recent times, this concept has become so popular that folks have started mimicking hiding “Easter Eggs” in real life for those people who are snoopy enough to spot them. Scroll below to check out some of the best of these peculiar surprises which have become so common and popular that there’s even a subreddit “IRLEasterEggs,” dedicated to celebrating finding these fun and disguised gems.

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#1 Small Church Model On Top Of A Street Light

Image source: severbrony64

#2 Viking Traffic Lights In Aarhus

Image source: Hejlyfe

#3 Found Waldo In The Reflexion Of This Bathroom Mirror

Image source: schussssss

El Cucuy: This one is slick.

#4 This Spaceman And Devil Holding An Ice Cream Cone On The Seemingly-Ancient Wall Of The University Of Salamanca In Spain

Image source: nocturnaldrew

LavenderHippoInAJar: …are you sure that’s ice cream?

#5 The Janitor’s Area In This Bathroom Is Behind A Hidden Wall

Image source: comateKnob51

#6 A Very Happy Rock Locked Inside Another

Image source: Pddymi

troufaki13: This rock must have been a cat in a previous life! 😅

#7 Found A Little Gnome Hut:)

Image source: Lonely_Funny9987

Thee8thsenseA Gnome home.

#8 Interesting Message On A Pillow

Image source: choupli

The Idaho Potato: Sensible.

#9 My City (Santa Monica) Uses Pavers With Street Maps

Image source: yanklondonboy

Astrophile: Oh cool idea!

#10 Found On My Lemonade Bottle Label

Image source: Vambo76

Andrew Keir: I’m Scottish, what is ‘direct sunlight’ ? You’d need a gap in the clouds of midgies to see it…

#11 Found This Inside My Shoe

Image source: PetuskoFrajer

The Idaho Potato: We all are. How comforting.

#12 Some Of The Holes Are Manta Rays

Image source: TwoTailedFox

A Wild Bean (they/them/any): I think those are ginkgo leaves, not manta rays

#13 I Bought Shoes Made In Kenya And This Little Guy Poked Me In The Toe

Image source: Iamthesuitcase

Surenu: Damn, you have huge feet

#14 UK – Southwestern Trains Trying A Little Toilet Humour

Image source: Piccoloplayer99

EmiTheEpic: No goldfish lol

#15 Trespassers Will Be Cooked

Image source: tangerine_98

The Idaho Potato: Mmm….cannibalism 😋

#16 Minesweeper

Image source: Direct_Leader_1802

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Three squares below that orange sign would have been a safe click. There’s also another safe square on the right.

#17 Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe!

Image source: thebigglasscake

#18 Coordinates Found Under The Seat In A Jeep Wrangler

Image source: Truehye801

EmiTheEpic: Jeeps are full of Easter eggs!

#19 “Use Bare Hand Now” On The Roll From Dog Poop Bags

Image source: ellerene

Kassia Zipple: AAAAHAHAAA!!!!🤣😂🤣

#20 Be Careful

Image source: narolski

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Been there done that. Ouch.

#21 Been Coming To Work Here For A While, And Only Just Noticed The Floor Number Is Worked Into This Living Moss Wall ?

Image source: [deleted]

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): SUPER COOL!!!

#22 Primo Water Jug

Image source: Redzonefresh

KiwiTriviaKween (She/Her): Don’t drop it on your foot by accident!

#23 ?

Image source: Host31

VonBlade: We’ll now take a quick pause whilst a lot of pandas relive their father figure shouting at them “grab that wrench, not that wrench you idiot the other one, oh my god you’re useless”.

#24 This Metal Box On By The Sea

Image source: MerlinIsChonk

Little Wonder: Wonder if it’s a Geocache, sounds like a cache clue.

#25 It Said No Flip!

Image source: Guilty_Treasures

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): I would have added, “Now you’ve awakened it. I hope you’ve made peace with your estranged father.”

#26 On The Inside Tag Of A Maternity Shirt.. The Stork Was A Lie

Image source: kmmurphy97

Harley: But the swallow is not…

#27 LEGO Person Trapped In A Table At A Restaurant

Image source: Just_a_guy583

KylieLOL, not sure if that was an Easter egg or just a kid.

#28 A Pub At The Bottom Of Ben Nevis (The Highest Mountain In The UK) Has Tiny Rock Climbers In The Ceiling

Image source: Tetrizel

Rob: I drive by there everytime I go shopping, and I’ve never been in the pub to have a look. Will have to now.

#29 Hidden Brand Logo At The Bottom Of Their Beer Glass

Image source: bored-games

#30 Under The Wrapper Of A Can Of Blur

Image source: Gavinon

Mis Stake she/her 🇫🇮🇬🇧: I have found my people!

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