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Eco-House With 150 Trees Protects Residents From Air And Noise Pollution

Published 9 years ago

Every kid wants to have a house in a tree – a treehouse, if you will – but what about adults? Well, Luciano Pia has designed 25 Verde, a house so full of trees, it’s almost like living in one. To put it in numbers, 150 trees dot the house, and there are 50 plants in the inner courtyard. These beauties can absorb 200,000 liters of CO2 and produce 150,000 liters of oxygen per hour. They even create their own microclimate, with leaves blocking pesky hot sun rays in summer, and letting in solar warmth in winter. There are 63 units in this house, which means ample children to be coaxed into taking care of the autumn leaves.

The house also has many other green features concerning thermal isolation and energy conservation, down to a rainwater collection system that is then used to water the plants. So while it’s not an arcology, it’s still a very nice and ecological place to live. I personally like the coloring and steel beams. It’s looks like an overgrown building, yet with none of the implied decay and structural instability.

In a way, it’s your own piece of ecological, safe post-apocalypse.

More info: | (h/t: colossal)

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