Two Offices Connected With A Grassy Walkway By A Polish Architects

Published 9 years ago

Most strolls down a grassy path don’t invoke vertigo – but this one does. This project by Zalewski Architecture Group from Poland is grassy walkway suspended high above their yard. And for a good reason: to give office workers a chance to go outside, breathe in some fresh air, maybe feel the touch of grass. A little bit of nature where there was none. Well, hopefully the workers aren’t too sad when taking a walk.

The authors had this to say about the project: “There are ideas that arise from the need of a particular moment. Such a need – another hot day of summer spent in the office and a thought “if only I could go for a walk” – became inspiration for a project of a path suspended in the air, a balcony Walk-on.” The walkway is narrow, only 80 centimeters wide. That serves a distinct purpose: the shape and the size doesn’t block too much sun from reaching the neighbors down below.

I just wonder who gets to mow it.

More info: | Facebook (h/t: neatorama)

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