Elon Musk Crushes The “Flat Earth Society” With One Simple Question, And Their Reply Is Just Too Ironic

Published 6 years ago

There’s no question that there are, to put it lightly, quite a lot of issues with the ‘flat Earth theory,’ which has many people outside the Flat Earth Society puzzled. One of them is Elon Musk, an engineer and inventor with a keen interest in space, whose company SpaceX is working on sending the first human colony to Mars.

Musk recently tweeted a humorous rhetorical question asking why there’s no Flat Mars Society, poking fun at the ridiculousness of the matter. Flat Earth Society, however, as per usual, took this joke a little too seriously and responded to the posed question with an answer that left everyone confused.

Scroll down to read the tweets and the reactions to them.

More info: twitter (h/t)

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The founder of Tesla and SpaceX is working hard to make a human colony on Mars a reality, so he was interested in what the Flat-Earthers think of the Red Planet

To his and everybody else’s surprise (and amusement), the official Twitter account of the Flat Earth Society responded

Their answer, however, seems to contrast with all of their beliefs and it sparked a hilarious debate

Elon was probably as confused as the Internet


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