20 Memes Roasting Elon Musk And His Bizarre Bedside Table

Published 1 year ago

Now that Elon Musk is at the helm of Twitter, a lot of its users have their eyes on him. You can’t even help it, he is the person at the very high end of the platform, so high up that everybody can see him. With that in mind, we can’t deny that whatever Elon does on Twitter, many would react to it, even to something as mundane as posting a photo of a table that everyone can do.

On November 28, Chief Twit posted a random yet unexpected photo of his “bedside table.” What’s so unexpected about it? Well, his table contains items that you wouldn’t expect to be found near someone’s bed such as a gun, a historical painting, and a more-than-usual number of Diet Coke cans. Because of this, the platform’s users made fun of it and posted their own “bedside tables” as well. Let’s have some table viewing below!

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Image credits: elonmusk


Image source: sheepstan_


Image source: rad_milk


Image source: GeneWeigel


Image source: louceph



Image source: Ky1eKatarn


Image source: DrakeGatsby


Image source: ImmortanMusk


Image source: sachee


Image source: LoganPaul


Image source: bigfatmoosepssy


Image source: MrEmilyHeller


Image source: OctopusCaveman


Image source: DerivedMemes


Image source: mayahiga


Image source: schmackhaft069


Image source: murdertherapy


Image source: kloogans


Image source: papagarbage2


Image source: ecto_fun


Image source: rava

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