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50+ Of The Most Hilarious Childhood Photos People Probably Wish Were Never Taken

Published 2 years ago

#31 Two Questions: Have You Accepted Jesus Christ As Your Lord And Savior, And Are You Interested In The Deal Of A Lifetime On A 1987 Plymouth Mercury?

Image source: OctopusSanta

#32 A Little Known Fact That Prior To Keaton, I Was The Batman

Image source: gingerbenji

#33 The Triangle Hair And Fake Mole Completes My Senior High School Photo

Image source: creepypeaches

#34 First Day Of High School, I Was Apparently Going For The 70 Year Old Man Look

Image source: shrewlad_

#35 It Was 1996. I Was Obsessed With Vampires And Phantom Of The Opera…behold My Embarrassing Senior Picture

Image source: TomPalmer1979

#36 I Had A Warhol-Esque, Pop-Art Phase In High School. Yes, I’m A Guy

Image source: vaporsynthretrochill

#37 Try To Contain Yourselves Ladies!!!

Image source: boognish1776

#38 The Coolest Senior Picture Ever?

Image source: woodler

#39 I Still Don’t Understand Why Girls Just Wanted To Be Friends In High School (2002)

Image source: PatrickKelly2012

#40 I Wore This Everyday In Winter In 2013 The Worse Part Is Was 27

Image source: Pigeonca

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