TV & Movie Set Crew Spill The Tea On 20 Of The Most Entitled Actors

Published 10 months ago

Watching a favourite character on TV or in movies, we tend to idolise the actor portraying the role too. Since we often tend to develop celebrity crushes, we hope that the person is good, kind and worthy. But since we are so removed from their lives it can be difficult to ascertain the real personality behind these famous faces. 

Fortunately, one Redditor saw a quick workaround the issue. They posted on the popular platform, inquiring directly from the people who worked on movie sets about the most entitled or difficult stars to work with. Netizens quickly spilt the tea, surprisingly even naming stars such as Blake Lively and Kirsten Dunst. Clearly, no one is safe from being named and shamed anymore, so scroll to read all the salacious details in the gallery below.

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Image source: throwaway320328302, iDominick

[I worked on] a TV set., James Corden is an absolute jack a*s, not the funny happy go lucky guy you see on TV.

AnonTvPerson added:

Can confirm. He has this thing where he won’t talk to anyone bar the most senior crew. He treats everyone else like cr*p. Once witnessed him have a meltdown because the script supervisor (who’s job is partly to ensure continuity and keep dialogue true to script) spoke to him directly when the Director was occupied (script supervisors normally filter issues via the director). He thinks he’s above everyone.

Just can’t compute people like that – we all started somewhere. Just be nice to people, particularly when they’re working hard to make you look good.

#2 Shia Labeouf. Shia is a real a*****e, has an anger problem.

Image source: coochthereal, DoD News Features He killed stray dogs for “rEsEaRcH”. I absolutely hate him and wish he was gone forever.

#3 I got hired in for 4 days for a Netflix original film and Chris Pine was a massive douchebag. All the crew were completely fed up with him

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Image source: wasimohee, Gage Skidmore


Jeremy Renner is on top of a frozen mountain at night and demands chili with no specifications. The crafty then sends the chili with a cart of topping options.

Edit: It takes at least twenty minutes to get to the top of the mountain, no matter what. When it arrives, Renner chews out the crafty assistant, saying he expected chili in five minutes. The crafty assistant fires back at him, telling him nobody’s getting anything from basecamp to the top of this mountain in five minutes without a helicopter. The crafty assistant is banned from talking to or looking at Renner for the rest of the shoot.

Megan Curl

Some of these don’t surprise me, but this one makes me sad.


Image source: BeetleJuiceDidIt, Nathan Congleton


My BF works in the movie studios (and concerts) where we live and has done small to major movies and met some pretty big movies stars because of it – Johnny Depp, Jason Mamoa, Chris Hemsworth, Matt Damon etc etc

The worst person hes ever had to deal with was Blake Lively. Said she was the most entitled, snobby and rude person to deal with threw tantrums on set and she treated literally every single person like a POS except for the director. Said if theres another movie and shes in it, he will refuse. Other than her, every other star hes dealt with hes said are pretty easy going, chilled out and will talk to literally anyone if you dont make a huge fuss about them.

Whitey Black (edited): 

I saw Blake Lively outside a NYC restaurant one night and she looked upset. I asked if she was ok, she said no, turned to walk away, stopped and said, “Thank you for asking though. That was sweet.” Then patted me on my cheek and left. Odd, but nice.

#6 My friend has worked on Dr. Phil for years. He has a no eye contact rule and is apparently one of the nastiest, most self-absorbed people in the industry.

Image source: TheSeanGils, Angela George

Megan Curl: And those are the nicest things about that man. Can we talk about how he abuses the mentally ill for profit – as a psychologist? Dirtbag.


Image source: THSSFC, Gage Skidmore

I have a story I’m telling second hand. This was in a hotel, not a movie set, so sorry for breaking the rules. Apparently Sylvester Stallone had been angering the cleaning staff because he was leaving [turds] in the shower. When the manager complained to his “people” about this behavior, his publicist explained that they had to understand that Mr. Stallone was a very busy man.


Image source: THEREALISLAND631, daisydeee

Not a movie set but has to do with entitled actors. I waited on Kirsten Dunst at Uma Thurman’s sister engagement party out in the Hamptons. I went from having a celebrity crush on her to not being able to stand her by the end of the night. She ran out of cigarettes at one point and made a huge ordeal over the fact that when she asked staff for one no one had her brand (yellow american spirits). To be fair she was drunk as hell at this point. She demanded that someone go out and get her her cigarettes, and my manager made me oblige. I had to leave my entire section for about an hour to go on some crazy hunt during the peak of summer in the Hamptons to find her her yellow american spirits. After I finally went to give them to her she didn’t say thank you or even make eye contact. She just reached out, took them out of my hands and pretended like I didn’t exist.

Uma Thurman on the other hand was a delight. Very polite and respectful.

#9 Lisa Kudrow was the biggest surprise to me. She was a stone cold b***h when I’d see her at work (not on a film set, but she’d come in to a spa I worked at), very demanding, very rude, very curt, and snappy like an angry chihuahua. She seemed really stressed and tired. I totally expected more from Phoebe tbh.

Image source: Smallyellowcat, Streamys

Mariele Scherzinger: When Friends was at its peak, I saw her in a talk show. She made jokes about her honeymoon trip to France. It wasn’t remotely funny, just mean entitled jokes at the expense of a foreign culture. That was a major turn-off for me.

#10 A friend of mine from college asked her PA sister this same question, then in turn my friend told our group. Friend’s sister told her that Edward Norton was the biggest, whiniest baby she’d ever had to deal with and she would turn down a job in the future if she found out she’d have to work with him. Again, this is fourth hand, but I guess he would throw tantrums at least daily over nothing.

Image source: coconut-greek-yogurt, Ed Norton


Image source: digolbitties, Mr-Dan-Z

Faye Dunaway, Faye Dunaway… and I cannot stress this enough… FAYE DUNAWAY. I’ve had dealings with her personally and can vouch for her entitledness, and nastiness, but my friend who works on movie sets has horror stories.

Extremely demanding, and also picky. She brings her scales with her everywhere and will make anyone catering weigh it up in front of her. She has a no eye contact rule, which must never be disobeyed, and she also yells and screams when things do not go her way.


Image source: anon, Super Festivals

Back in my days of doing Background work, I specifically remember on the set of “Bones” where they had very specific rules about not looking David Boreanaz in the eye and to keep a distance from him. You would hear stories about extras who would just walk by him, look up and smile, and then they would immediately get fired and sent home.

No other set I worked on had that strict rules about their lead talent.

Keith T:

I went to high school with David Boreanaz and this totally tracks. His dad (who was super cool) was a local celebrity and he made everyone know that his dad was a celebrity. Did a few plays with him in high school. Pretty talented guy though


Image source: Crouching-Cyka, David Shankbone

From a friend who’s a movie director:

Daniel Radcliffe – really down-to-earth and genuinely nice guy

Michelle Williams – incredibly difficult to work with, once made them reshoot the scene four times because “her hands looked ugly”

Russell Crowe – super arrogant and self-important

Keira Knightley – nice and quite down-to-earth but rather demanding

#14 Not an actor but a director, David Fincher. He is a a pain to work with and he is beyond eccentric. Did some work as an audio PA (production assistant) for awhile. If anyone wore anything red on his set they were fired on the spot.

Image source: Thisisaghosttown, Raffi Asdourian

#15 I used to work in the industry for a while. Asked some colleagues about the worst people they’ve worked with. More than one said Steven Segal was a grade A douchbag.

Image source: Wooba99


Image source: amaezingjew, Eva Rinaldi

Not that it’s any surprise to anyone, but Michael Cera is a huge f*****g a*****e.

I watched so many young musicians come up to him during the Sex Bob-omb tour come up to him to talk about music or gush about how he inspired them, only for him to either brush them off completely, ask them why they’re talking to him, or just have security come take them away.

Total d**k.

#17 William Shatner thinks he can be a d*ck and people will laugh at him for it. No, it got him nearly punched in the throat by security after he kept nagging on the guard being so tall it made him uncomfortable.

Image source: NachoMarx, Super Festivals


Image source: anon, The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

Not me and not on a set but my mom was a cashier at a famous local inn and a number of celebrities have visited. Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael Jackson, etc. One day Bill Cosby had showed up and asked for a specific cup of coffee with a bunch of weird s**t in it. Long story short, my mom politely said we don’t have that, got yelled at, and was basically forced TO GO BUY HIS COFFEE FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE just so management looks good.

#19 Family member works in the industry. Ben Stiller and John Cusack have been described as very entitled and exactly what you would expect from them.

Image source: jndmack, Montclair Film

#20 Bruce villanch demanded I serve him his skittles while in my underwear . I was young and wanted to get into the industry so I, regretfully, did it

Image source: _virgin4life_, lukeford

nachtinachtischachti: What the f**k… seems like people in the industry need bodycams too

#21 My moms friend did security for concerts, she always told us about how nice the bands were BUT Adele was a nightmare, her fans started to line up before her concert outside of the Stadium and Adele REFUSED to do sound check because she didn’t want anyone to hear her for “FREE” and you couldn’t look at her when she spoke to you.

Image source: lovefilledtortilla, marcen27


Image source: AfghanHokie, Gage Skidmore

I was a production assistant back in 2004–05, and I noticed mainly European actors were very humble and low maintenance, and it was US talent that was the opposite (with exceptions of course). On the films I worked on, Scarlett Johansson was very high maintenance. It was her first tentpole film, and I think it went to her head a little bit. She kept demanding extra things left and right, and it was a miserable experience for most of the PAs on set.


I met her when she was doing an ad campaign managed by the agency I worked for. I met a lot of famous people in that job and she was hands down the worst. Self important to a ludicrous degree, you’d think she’d cured cancer instead of got paid a fortune for playing make believe on camera

#23 I used to work in the film and TV industry… Tyra Banks legitimately will fire some people if they look her in the eye when passing in the hallway, mostly interns. Ugh.

Image source: solojones1138, david_shankbone

Tamra: What is it with the “no eye contact” rule?? Do these people think they’re so exalted that a random person can’t look them in the eye? The hell?

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