40 Times An Inconsiderate Flyer Made The Flight Unpleasant For All Onboard

Published 2 months ago

As the world gradually resumes air travel, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reported a significant recovery within the industry. Total traffic in 2023 soared by 36.9% compared to the previous year, reaching an impressive 94.1% of pre-pandemic levels from 2019. However, alongside this resurgence, there’s been a concerning trend of rising unruly passenger incidents. 

In light of this, our team felt it was important to address the issue by showcasing a collection of images depicting some of the most egotistical travellers spotted around the world. Through these visuals, we hope to gently remind everyone to maintain their consideration and respect for fellow passengers so that we may all enjoy our respective travelling experiences.

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#1 It’s Fine, I Didn’t Want To Watch Anyway

Image source: MarthaFarcuss

Francisco Scaramanga: Is that why they don’t allow scissors on planes?

#2 My Captain Friend Sent Me This Photo. Saudi Prince Bought Ticket For His 80 Hawks

Image source: lensoo

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: They’re probably far better passengers than most humans.

#3 Trying To Watch A Movie On The Airplane

Image source: carlitos_sagan

PattyK: If I were in a good mood, I’d politely ask her to move it, and if she didn’t move it, report her to the flight attendant. If I were not in a good mood, I’d give it a good hard yank.

#4 Some People Should Just Stay Home Or Drive In Their Own Vehicles

Image source: influencersinthewild

Verena: Influencers doing a tiktok.

#5 How People Leave An Airplane. Unbelievable The Lack Of Respect People Have. This Is An Air Algiers Flight From Montreal To Algeria

Image source: DoftheG

Norwegian_Panda🇳🇴: That’s disgusting and so disrespectful. Clean up your sh!t. What’s wrong with people?!

#6 When There Were No Manners Left In The Gen Pool

Image source: shichan1517

#7 This Woman Just Dropping Her Food Tray In The Middle Of The Aisle Of The Plane

Image source: speeddemon266

#8 It Is My First Time On An Airplane In Over A Year And This Guy Is Peeling One Dozen Hard Boiled Eggs For His Family In My Row. Would Give Anything To Be Alone In My House

Image source: usarasa

Charity Angel: Foods like this should be banned on flights.

#9 Wants To Record The Whole Flight From The Middle Seat

Image source: LocallySourcedWeirdo

Anna Ekberg: Take a deep snifff of her and then whisper in her ear: mhmm, you smell soooo gooood…

#10 I Absolutely Hate It When People Do This

Image source: ErmineOfMight

Norwegian_Panda🇳🇴: PEOPLE EAT from that table! And those feet don’t even look clean!! Also person next to them have to smell the feet….

#11 This Mom Shares Colorful Travel Hack To Keep Toddlers Quiet On Flights

Image source: instagram.com

“These are a great tool to pull out when the iPad has run its course. I prefer to let my toddler use these when I want him to go to sleep, because the iPad stimulates him and I find it’s harder to get him to sleep. And we all know a sleeping toddler on a long flight is a MAJOR WIN.”

#12 My Dad Sent Me This Picture From His Plane Ride Today

Image source: biracial_lizard

#13 Naked Feet On Planes Should Be Illegal No Matter How Far Apart We Are

Image source: Throwaway273489

#14 The Woman Next To Me Stretched Out Her Leg Into My Leg Space On The Plane

Image source: uhshavaughn

#15 This Guy Making Everyone Walk Around Him To Board Their Plane

Image source: Ak47110

#16 Interesting

Image source: QGSkieur

#17 This Idiot Eating Pistachio Nuts And Throwing The Shells On The Floor Of A Plane

Image source: lolo795

Norwegian_Panda🇳🇴: Why!? She could ask the staff for a bag to throw it in and it wouldn’t be a problem. Jesus Christ, some people really are a$$holes and lazy…

#18 Average Flight Experience

Image source: jessiechar

Little Wonder: *tickle tickle*

#19 One Batch Of Clear Air Turbulence, And That Passenger Will Need More Than Yoga To Repair Their Back

Image source: thecrewlounge

#20 Sometimes You Gotta Let Them Breathe

Image source: ElGuayaba

#21 Pedicures On Planes Are Absolutely Not Okay. Keep Personal Grooming Personal

Image source: lifesatripwithsk

#22 The Lady Next To Me On The Plane Spilled Her Whole Drink, Got Up, And Moved Over One Seat. She Just Left All The Ice On The Floor And Kicked Her Empty Food Carton Under

Image source: BanannaKarenina

#23 Let Me Just Air Out My Stinky Shoes For Everyone On The Plane To Smell

Image source: cody4king

#24 Goblin Spying On Me During A Plane Trip

Image source: HeavyLoungin

Norwegian_Panda🇳🇴 (edited): It’s just their ear and an earbud inside. Not an eye looking at you edit; they have the hoodie backwards and what you see is their hair and an ear with earbud. If anyone wondered😄

#25 I’m Sorry, But Who Does This? The Flight Attendants Are Not Your Mothers

Image source: jenschap

Norwegian_Panda🇳🇴: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 to the flight attendant.

#26 Dude Spent The Majority Of A Late Night Flight Watching TV With Speakers Full Blast. Said He “Didn’t Have Headphones”

Image source: vita_di_tyra

Norwegian_Panda🇳🇴: Here the flight staff should have said something. Also they often have cheap wire earplugs you can buy. Disrespectful man but imo the staff should done something.

#27 The Man In The Seat Across From Me Has Taken His Pants Off For The Flight And Is Just In His Boxers. After That, He Also Removed His Socks

Image source: Lizzie_Thompson

#28 Parents That Let Their Kids Deface A 3-Month-Old Plane

Image source: ooochaoboocha

#29 Person Kept Resting Their Hand On The Screen And Accidentally Touching Buttons On An Overseas Flight

Image source: mediumRareDev

Petunia Petal: Gently stroking their hand should solve that! 😉

#30 On My Flight Today

Image source: LolaBijou

Uncanny: Open tray. Insert hair. Close tray.

#31 Today On A Flight From Philadelphia To Denver. That’s My Sister In Front Of Her

Image source: i-hate-pumpkin-spice

#32 Delayed For 3 Hours… Just To Have This Guy Blasting A Movie On His Phone The Whole Flight. Flight Attendants Did Nothing

Image source: spidermonkey2947

#33 Red-Eye Flight From Seattle To NY, And I Don’t Know These Kids. That’s My Seat In The Middle

Image source: reddit.com

Norwegian_Panda🇳🇴: Why would a parent not sit next to their kids on a plane? I would understood if it was teens but this looks like small kids? Parents wanted a break from their fighting and just sat them next to a strangers to ‘take care f them’? I would ask the staff to remove seat for sure. Let the parent have your seat and you get theirs.

#34 Drying The Undies In Front Of The Plane’s AC

Image source: facebook.com

#35 On My Flight And In My Bubble

Image source: Responsible-Ad-2181

#36 Luckily Had No One Sitting In My Row For A 10-Hour Flight And Then… This

Image source: Goodguybadd

michael Chock: I think the rule is if it’s in your space you can do whatever you want. Just pull out a good book and smack those feet.

#37 What I Had To Deal With On An 11-Hour Flight Yesterday (I’m The Grey Sweatpants)

Image source: Ele_phant909

SummerVeE: One order of black coffee would accidentally tip onto those white pants while I was fumbling to put my seat back tray down

#38 Poor Parenting

Image source: NoWrongdoer6386

#39 This Man’s Laptop Set On Maximum Brightness In A Dark Flight

Image source: performative-pretzel

Debbie: Politely tell him that you can help adjust his brightness settings, so he can still see and others can sleep. Pretend he doesn’t know how to adjust it. If he refuses, tell him “but it’s really easy to do and everyone in the plane would be so much happier for it, really, it’s no big deal for me to reduce the brightness, i’d be happy to do it for you” Sort of beat them with kidness and smiles.

#40 The Man Next To Me On My Flight Today Put His Phone On My Leg Without Asking While He Was Digging Through His Bag

Image source: False_Concentrate408

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