40 Times Entitled Tourists Thought The Rules Don’t Apply To Them

Published 4 months ago

Few things are as frustrating as witnessing people disrespecting things that deserve our reverence—whether it’s the environment, culturally significant sites, or even simple traffic rules like stopping at a stop sign. Unfortunately, entitled tourists often display this disrespectful behaviour, acting as if the world is their playground.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid encountering such individuals, count yourself lucky. But prepare yourself for some exasperating images as we delve into a collection of the most entitled and ignorant tourist behaviours out there. Consider this list a cautionary manual on what not to do when travelling. Scroll down at your own risk, but beware: you might find yourself feeling more than a little irked before you reach the end.

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#1 The Employee Knew English And Was Trying His Best To Get His Message Across

Image source: 0xLynkos

NapQueen: Always try and learn a few basic words in the local language of where you’re travelling to! Don’t always demand that everybody should speak English! Gets me so annoyed.

#2 Taking Selfies With Filters On Outside Auschwitz

Image source: IVSwarm

NapQueen: It’s not a place for taking selfies, it’s for respecting those that died and were tortured.

#3 What Rules. I’m Special

Image source: justsomedude1144

Craig Boddys: All fun and games until the kid gets attacked. Should gather all the arseholes like these idiots up, put them in a glass box, and have a “reverse zoo”, where the animals can come and look at the reason humanity is doomed – the dumb are only outnumbered by the dumber.

#4 Do Not Cross The Line

Image source:  Erythromycin500

Jrog: Yeah, DON’T. Those are REAL soldiers, with REAL training and REAL weapons. The best outcome is you find yourself a loaded SA80 trained on your face with an angry Scotsman yelling “GET BACK”. Every single time I have been to the Tower of London I have seen some tourist, usually a girl and typically American or Asian, try the same idiotic selfie and acting shocked afterwards.

#5 Signs Are Not For Me

Image source: Luzipher

#6 It’s Ridiculous That Someone In Another Country Would Not Learn My Language

Image source: cienfuegos__

Zedrapazia: Italians can speak English if they refuse to do it, that probably means you were a rude jerk to them.

#7 Putting Your Child Next To Fragile LEGO Buildings Despite Numerous Signs Saying Not To

Image source: Winterspear

Ruby: But, but, but MY child is special and would never break anything they are a little angel who never did anything wrongggggg!!!!

#8 These Kinds Of People

Image source: Nosliw05

#9 Bamboo That Grew Up During The Pandemic Without The Effect Of Tourists’ Touch

Image source: watercatte

Javelina Poppers: They do the same to aspen trees.

#10 Tourist Climbed On Ancient Egyptian Antiquities

Image source: AloofNerd

madeleine f: I just want to smack his face. 😡

#11 Tourist Season On

Image source: desala24

Emma S: 🎵 stupid deaths, stupid deaths, they’re funny cause they’re true…🎵

#12 Tourists Disrespect Wild Sea Lion And Invade Its Space. Even When It Tries To Scare Them Off, They Laugh

Image source: notentirelysane_

Lyop: Please tell me someone got bit! Sorry, not sorry.

#13 Karen Goes To A Plantation But Doesn’t Want To Learn About Slavery

Image source: Available_Cup_9588

Bernd Herbert: Slavery was PART of that plantation’s history.

#14 Tourists In Rome Using The Famous Fountain As A Pool And Then Complain When Police Fine Them

Image source: kardamomo

Megan Curl: Curious if someone knows if there are signs saying no bathing or something like that. Personally, I wouldn’t do it because it’s disrespectful and pretty gross.

#15 I Want To Speak To The Manager Of France

Image source: Yadynnus

Phoebe Bean: Sometimes you wish this to be a joke…

#16 Entitled Tourists. They had a picnic in front of a geological outcropping, refused to move for geology students trying to survey the region, let their kid deface the cliff, swam on a red flag beach (where swimming is banned), and left their food wrappers and plastic plates on the beach.

Image source: MadocAbOwain

#17 All Of The Tourists Who, Collectively, Have Not Preserved Mount Everest The Way They Should. We Need To Do Better

Image source: EverestToday, tenzisherpa_1999

Sonia Bailey: They should ban climbing Everest altogether and employ the Sherpas to enforce this. Absolutely disgusting, and the place is a graveyard for the many foolish people who sadly lost their lives here.

#18 This Beautiful Flower Field Got Trampled By Tourist

Image source: vinnaznable

Zedrapazia: Awful people! The farmer looks so depressed on the last pic

#19 People Who Break Stalactites To Use It As A Souvenir

Image source: LUFOplayer

Phoebe Bean: People??? These are monsters!!

#20 Everyone Is Standing In A Semicircle Because Everyone Can Enjoy The Piece Unobstructed? No, They Are Just Making Space For Me

Image source: Krzyszkot

Jack Burton (edited): Never understood why you would want a s****y pic of a classic historical painting like that. You can have any HD copy for free on internet, what is the point of having a bad picture on your phone of such a great work. Or just watch and enjoy.

#21 Tourist Told To Stop Being Disrespectful To The Queen’s Guard By Armed Police

Image source: busk1976

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: Aaaand only a couple of days ago, another armed police officer had to tell a bunch of tourists to politely fűck off while they were harassing a cavalryman on guard duty.

#22 Tourists Trampling The Garden For The Perfect Selfie

Image source: HotAbrocoma

#23 These Tourists Thought It Would Be A Good Time To Chase Native Wildlife

Image source: susantananda3

#24 I Live In A Beautiful Place. Or At Least I Did Until My Little Farm Town Became A Tourist Destination. Sure Do Love All The New Campers

Image source: Pigvalve

#25 There Are Several Reasons To Visit The Former Auschwitz Concentration Camp, But Goofing Off Really Shouldn’t Be One Of Them

Image source: reddit.com

madeleine f: Some people can’t resist making everyone moment about themselves – self awareness = 0. 😡

#26 How On Earth Can You Smile In That Place?

Image source: MariaRMGBNews

James016: FFS!

#27 Tourist Unleashed A Confetti Gun Onto The Ephemeral Pools And Petrified Lands Of Snow Canyon State Park

Image source: snowcanyonstatepark

I AM A LOLLY SNEK (she/her): These kind of people just dont care. This kind of stuff is why so much of our environment is so messed up. Come on humans. You can do better.

#28 Went To The Beach At Margate And Wish I Hadn’t. Is It Because The Council Is Not Putting Bins On The Beach, Or Is It The Visitors’ Fault? Either Way, It’s A Shame

Image source: frank_leppard

Sonia Bailey (edited): It is not hard, when you go to a beach, to take a bag for rubbish with you 😡😡😡😡 I always do, because it’s not f*****g rocket science!

#29 Naples, FL. Major Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting Site. Memorial Day Vacationers Left Their Trash On The Beach For The Turtles To Crawl Through

Image source: RealisticWoodpecker3

#30 These Wonderful Tourists In Canyonlands National Park

Image source: notaexpert

#31 A Transportation History Museum With Carefully Preserved Cars Is Not Your Instagram Photo Stage

Image source: Left4DayZ1

Antonia: just plain stupid people, escort them out

#32 This Is So Disrespectful. Don’t Mess With My Mexican People

Image source: angelalopeze

Lee: The video is great. She gets drinks thrown on her.

#33 Found This Review For My Local Laundromat In A Beach Town, Looks Like The Owner Has Had Enough Of The Entitled Tourists

Image source: reddit.com

Antonia: do not be sorry

#34 In A Very Working Class Neighborhood That Has Been Especially Hard Hit By The Typhoon. How You Have The Nerve To Beg For Money To Fund Your Travels Around Asia Is Completely Beyond Me

Image source: peteryuill

Begging for money in a wet market as people around you try to rebuild their shops and lives. I’ve always hated begpackers, but this is especially infuriating.

#35 Tourist Engraves The Name Of His Girlfriend With Keys On The Colosseum, Rome. He Faces A Fine Of 18,000 Euros. As A Roman, I Wish They Would Ban Him From Rome Forever

Image source: thoxo

#36 “Please Do Not Climb”

Image source: outdatedopinion

Jrog: Mispresented. The photo shortly predates the climbing ban enforced in June 2019. The tourist are going up the hill on an official, marked path that at the time of the photo was still accessible, despite the Anangu local population campaigning for closing the path altogether. Not doing so was a matter of personal choice, the “traditional law” mentioned was not “actual law”. after the government finally announced they accepted the requests and before they enforced the closure of the path, there was a short spike of touristic visits from people climbing for the last time. That’s when the photo was taken.

#37 How To Suck At Being A Tourist In Thailand

Image source: SirMuttley

Kay Woodpecker: Sit on him.

#38 Come On, Mr. Tourist

Image source: KokoSabreScruffy

#39 Jam-Packed Heathrow Airport During Christmas Time. It Gets Worse When You Realize That It’s Disability Priority Seating

Image source: sharp-scratch-poem

#40 It Angers Me To No End When You Come To A Beautiful Place And Other Tourists Feel The Need To Leave Their Deliberate Mark On The Local Beauty

Image source: voyagegourmand

Groundcontroltomajortom: Humans have already left enough of a (skid)mark on this beautiful planet :(

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