20 Times Restaurant Staff Were Forced To Serve Ungrateful Customers

Published 1 year ago

There are all kinds of people that we have to share this planet with and entitled people seem to be quite rampant from that list. So when a question popped up on a reddit thread called “Choosing Beggars” asking restaurant servers to talk about the most ungrateful or entitled customers they ever had the luck of serving, the answers were shockingly vivacious. To think that such arrogant people exist is amusing and annoying all at once. Care for a vicarious blood-boiling session? Dive in and boil, till you can’t take it anymore.

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#1 Local BBQ Place With Free Beer Calls Out Specific Yelper For Being A CB. Love The Food And The Attitude At This Place

Image source: datalaughing

#2 Choosing Beggar Angry About Being Kicked Out Of Cafe With Free WiFi For Bringing In Food From A Different Restaurant

Image source: OffTheWall343

#3 I Don’t Recommend This Restaurant Because They Gave Me A Drink I Ordered!

Image source: kbordersrtr

#4 CB Yelper Is Mad Because Restaurant Didn’t Give Them Free Meal In Exchange For Potential IG Exposure

Image source: Punanistan

#5 Man Wants To Ban Vegan Options In Restaurants Until Vegan Restaurants Cater To Him

Image source: JackinTheBeanstock

#6 Cb Left An Unfavorable Review At A Local Steakhouse Because They Did Not Get Something For Free…

Image source: reno140

#7 A Restaurant Review I Stumbled On. The Customer Is So Many Kinds Of Wrong

Image source: chassepatate

#8 Thai Place Doesn’t Tolerate Your Poor Decisions

Image source: sniper23491

#9 Cb Leaves One Star Review After Getting Free Replacement Pizza But No Salad

Image source: TJ_Ash

#10 Military Spouse Demanding To Have Her Next Meal For Free

Image source: Febrile_Penis

#11 Local Burger Restaurant Offers Free Meals This Weekend… But There’s Always One

Image source: ryan04583

#12 Someone Ordered And Paid For A Medium Pizza At Our Work And Asked Us To Make It A Large In The Notes

Image source: harpuasam

#13 Local Restaurant Offers 50% Discount To Coast Guard Who Are Going Without Pay. Not Good Enough For One Lady

Image source: fawsl

#14 63 Sandwiches In 1 1/2 Hours!?! How Dare They!

Image source: cbeals

#15 Local Restaurant Stays Open Late To Serve Great Food To Customer After Hours, Has Audacity To Be Out Of Fries, Receives One-Star Review

Image source: Tmbistroolyme

#16 Give Me Free Food And Money For Some Exposure

Image source: DavidThorne31

#17 I’m Nice Enough To Not Ask For Your Money. Just Give Me Free Food And Drinks For Two

Image source: nath24r

#18 Woman Enters A Draw For Free Food, Gives A Sob Story, Doesn’t Win The Draw And Then Writes A Fake Review To Damage The Reputation Of The Restaurant

Image source: MustardKingCustard

#19 Life Of A Food Delivery Drivery. “Can You Hurry” 5 Minutes After Initial Text

Image source: ajshearouse15

#20 This Japanese Restaurant Will Never Forgive CB’s

Image source: Hey_Heff

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