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10+ Misleading Packaging Designs That Are Straight Up Evil

Published 2 years ago

#11 This Box Of Chocolates. They Didn’t Even Taste That Good!

Image source: Judithsins

#12 Unopened Box Of “64 Crayon Colors” Turns Out To Just Be Orange

Image source: hogwartshonorroll

#13 I Needed Red. Guess Which One I Grabbed At First

Image source: bennythomson

#14 Oh The Irony

Image source: egdip

#15 This Olive Oil I Bought Wasn’t Even Cheap

Image source: AsterJ

#16 My Wife Bought Some Pencils For Our Elementary School Where We Teach English In South Korea. Then She Opened The Box

Image source: thektulu7

#17 That Could Have Been A Bad Choice

Image source: charleselliott33

#18 Great Taste, Not So Great Packaging

Image source: Kimonas_K

#19 Hate To See Waste In Packaging And Also Feel Like They Are Trying To Trick Me So I Feel Value. Please Make Bottle The Size Of Product!

Image source: cmbrookins

#20 Toss Me A Cold One, Will Ya?

Image source: freakame


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