30 Times Evil Doers Evaded Consequences In History

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On the vast and varied landscape of Reddit, discussions on history often spark intriguing debates. Recently, a question posed on the platform stirred curiosity and reflection: “Who are the ‘evil’ people that won in history?” The responses, diverse and thought-provoking, offer a glimpse into how individuals perceive and interpret the triumphs of figures often deemed controversial or morally reprehensible.

It’s important to note that these responses reflect people’s opinions and perspectives, which are shaped by their own understandings and interpretations of history.

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Image source: NoHopeOnlyDeath, Ian Jones – Buckingham Palace reception

The House of Saud.


They destroyed an entire religion from the inside out with their extremist views. Now, almost a quarter of the world is lured into believing the more extreme views that they represent, destroying vernacular adaptations of Islam, that had more room for matriarchy, for gender diversity, and a lot of other concepts that salafism does barely leave any room for, if any.


Image source: ComprehensiveBread65, Unknown

Josef Mengele. The head physician at Auschwitz who performed experimental surgeries. Nick named the angel of death and was never held accountable. In fact, he was mostly unknown to the public until the 80s when one of his survivors brought his crimes to light. He’s one of the many examples of why I don’t believe in Karma.


The Nazi ‘Doctor of Death’ who escaped Germany to South America, started a family and despite being hunted by the US, German and Israeli governments for decades, didn’t even hide his identity by the end of his life. He drowned after having a stroke in 1979.


Image source: Cpt_Riker, Reagan White House Photographs

Mother Teresa.

Lived in luxury, and died with dignity, while the people she was supposed to help suffered, dying in agony, because she believed pain in death brought you closer to god.

A belief she didn’t have the courage to test.


Image source: lonely-position162, Masao Takezawa

Shirō Ishii The commander of Unit 731 and other facilities that performed medical experiments on human beings during WW2 in Japan Surgeons would cut open someone without anesthesia, ripping off limbs, or tearing out body parts. They’d sometimes tie a person to a pole outside in the freezing winter and then pour cold water on them to speed up the process of freezing their limbs. Once completely frozen they’d then smash the limbs off with a metal rod. Some of the most sickest, heinous s**t imaginable. The part that angers me the most is that he, along with several others were granted immunity in exchange for information and research. Got away free and never was punished.


Image source: dropofred, Kremlin.ru

Kim Jong Il. He lived in the lap of luxury while the vast majority of his country lived in abject poverty. He got steak and lobster every night, expensive alcohol imported from all over the world, had a film collection of 20,000 movies including Western films that were illegal for anyone else to own, f****d any woman he wanted, was infallible and worshiped by the very people he was oppressing.

That slimy little f**k enjoyed all of the luxuries imported from capitalist nations which were illegal for everybody else in the country.


Image source: TheLaughingPhoenix, Eva Rinaldi

Rupert Murdoch.


No person has done more damage to Australia, the UK and the US than this despicable man… he’s done nothing but manufacture so hatred and division for 70 years.


Image source: Procure, Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler Galleries

The answer is the Sacklers.


Did you read Empire of Pain too? That book was insane. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in why the pharmaceutical industry is the way it is. The Sackler family essentially created the opioid crisis in America. It’s honestly a pretty wild story.


Image source: VincentcODy, Saroona1989

I’ve haven’t seen Nestlé.


Image source: Fiddlesticklin, netflix

Jimmy Saville. One of his victims once escaped him, ran into the lobby and shouted that Saville was attempting to assault her. The people there simply laughed and mocked her.


Definitely one if the most sickening travesties and injustices in my opinion. So, so many people for decades knew, they just had to, yet the was allowed to continue being left alone with and abusing countless children because of his celebrity. F**king disgusting that he died happy, beloved, and without facing any repercussions for his abhorrent actions.


Image source: Weekly-Rest1033, публикация

The guys that tortured Junko Furuta.


It’s terrible that just reading reading the name Junko Furuta immediately conjures the most gruesome upsetting and imagery in my mind. That poor girl, I can’t believe her killers are all walking free.


Image source: Isosceles_Kramer79, A.Davey

Iranian theocrats. Almost half a century later still in power and causing a lot of trouble in the region, in addition to oppressing their own people.


Image source: bguzewicz, Unknown author

Pol Pot got to die in his sleep in 1998. He deserved far worse.


Also important to note that he was interviewed a few times prior to his death. Whenever he was asked about any of his atrocities, he would play dumb about it and skirt the questions. He would say things like the classic denial technique of “oh come on it wasn’t that many people” and “okay but I didn’t kill babies. Just adults. I’m not a monster, you know”. He openly stated he had a clear conscience and had no remorse for the millions he killed all the way through to the end. He was a genuine monster.


Mitch McConnell. He is one of the most corrupt, partisan politicians who ever held office. He’s retiring at the end of this year and he will never be held to account for all of the harm his policies and actions have caused.

Image source: throwawaylogin2099


Image source: rextremendae2007, London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company

Leopold the 2nd.


He is one of the few people who truly make my blood boil with seething rage when I read and think about what he did, and that’s only to start with the fact that they held conferences preying on African countries with permission of absolutely nobody to go and treat human beings like animals.

He is one of the few people that I would’ve genuinely wished to dig out of his grave only to spit on him and throw him to some vultures. He will never have been able to suffer enough for the disgusting acts of horror he ordered and committed towards Congo, to this day in 2024 they haven’t recovered.


Image source: sistemfishah, FDR Presidential Library & Museum

Stalin. Terrorised his way to controlling one of the largest empires of all time and wielded absolute, despotic power.

Sure, nature eventually got him but she gets us all. So I think he got away with it.


Any politician that walked out of office with billions more than they had when they took office.

Image source: Parasitesforgold


The Catholic Church during the Inquisition, The Spaniards in Central and South America, destroying everything in their path through blood and disease, courtesy of the church, the Europeans that destroyed Indigenous culture in North and South America because of “God’s will” , the Roman’s, Marco Polo, etc.

Image source: SmokeOnTheWater17


Image source: Croemato, Bundesarchiv, Bild

Goebbels, his propaganda still runs strong today, 90 years later.


Image source: rmvandink, Unknown author

Genghis Khan.


Was waiting for this. Few people in history, let alone this list, come close to the level of civilisational and cultural death and destruction this man caused. Not only did he get away with it, he died an emperor and spawned a dynasty.


He would starve out entire cities because his army was so big, they would enslave or kill everyone and he would marry his daughters off to kings and whatnot then his daughters would kill them and take over the ruled lands to give to Kahns armies. Throughout his reign Kahn and his armies killed over 40 million people and enslaved twice that many.

Nearly 8 percent of the men living in the region of the former Mongol empire today carry y-chromosomes that are nearly identical to that of Genghis Kahn.


Image source: eightdollarbeer, FL Gov’t (PD) – Florida Mugshot from PD

Casey Anthony.


Casey Anthony’s crime says more about the American legal system than it does about her.


Image source: Hoskuld, theatlantic.com

In Germany we have Aribert Heim, the butcher of Mauthausen who was on a level with Mengele but never got prosecuted by the allies. Worked as a gynecologist after the war till 1962 when he got tipped off about police at his home so he fled to Egypt.


Image source: NoWorth2591, Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earl

Andrew Jackson basically orchestrated a genocide and a lot of folks sing his praises to this day.


Andrew Jackson – The Indian Removal Act

>The Removal Act paved the way for the forced expulsion of tens of thousands of American Indians from their land into the West in an event widely known as the “Trail of Tears,…
>In the 21st century, scholars have cited the act and subsequent removals as an early example of state sanctioned ethnic cleansing or genocide or settler colonialism.


Image source: Johnny5isalive38, Michael Evans

Reagan. Had the CIA sell crack to black neighborhoods to raise secret funds to give to Iran. Destroyed black neighborhoods and families, gave rise to the projects and has overshadowed U.S. black culture for decades to come. Also, helped get rid of insane asylum funding which flooded the streets with mentally ill homeless. Economic depression causing stock buy backs legal again, which is why we have a short term investor driven economy resulting in massive layoffs without any real notice.


Image source: callitarmageddon, U.S. Department of State from United States



The blood of countless millions is on his hands, and he remained an accepted and welcomed part of American politics until his death.


Image source: Daggertooth71, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Chile

Augusto Pinochet. Died in 2006 under house arrest, in the lap of luxury, without being tried for multiple charges of human rights violations (including wrongful detention, physical torture, sexual abuse, psychological repression, and just plain murder) and illegal enrichment.


Joseph Smith. Died a “martyr” but that led to the creation of one of the largest and wealthiest cults in modern history that’s filled with abuse of women and children, a long history of racism, and continues to profit off the poor and needy.

Image source: EmptySky124


Mao Zedong. Killed as many as 80 million people as a direct result of his policies. The communists still enshrine him as a great leader and national hero and idiots in the Western left take his writings seriously.

Image source: Andrew5329


Steve Bannon and Roger Stone were both sentenced to prison for their federal crimes, but had their convictions pardoned by fellow criminal buddy Donnie Jon.

Image source: CorneliousTinkleton


Daughters of the Confederacy… they pushed a revisionist view of the Civil War in the south and this idea that it was about states rights and not slavery… also took part in building statues of confederate soldiers and glorifying them. It’s why so many conservatives and people from the south have a positive outlook of the confederacy and that it’s a part of “southern heritage”.

Image source: SinistreCyborg


Image source: rowrowfightthepandas, Ramon FVelasquez

A lot of these comments aren’t people who won, but people who lost and just didn’t get the punishment people thought they deserved. But a real evil winner? Try the Dole company and what they did with Hawaii.


Pretty much any company found on the tropical fruits aisle or sugar aisle of your local supermarket.

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