20 Lunatic Bridezillas Who Went Too Far Trying To Plan The Perfect Wedding

Published 1 year ago

Any person getting married will tell you that planning a wedding is not an easy feat. It’s a stressful time so we allow a little room for the wedding planners to get a little demanding. But some people really go too far and almost become monsters. These entitled Bridezillas are being shamed for their excessive expectations below, reminding us to steer clear of similar paths if we want to keep our friends and family. 

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#1 … Human Trash Bag

Image source: Trumphassmallhands5

#2 I Mean… Sounds Kinda Like A Racist/Colorist Bride Here. Thoughts?

Image source: Confusedsahm, twitter.com

#3 Seen On Fml

Image source: GerryBeck

#4 Bride Insecure Of Fiance’s “Womanly” Teenage Daughter…yikes

Image source: fangsandgames

#5 You’re Not Invited, But Send Money

Image source: Cynthevla

#6 Bro Needs To Find A New Bride

Image source: scott_w04

#7 Some People Can’t Afford It

Image source: Strxwbxrry_Shxrtcxkx

#8 I Paid For The First Slice After It Was Announced On The Day We’d Be Helping To Pay For Their Cake!! Apparently Didn’t Count For The Second

Image source: Unlucky_Low_6254

#9 Holy Smack, A Silent Reception‽

Image source: therookling

#10 Bride N Groom Requests No Perfume On The Women And The Men Are Free Labour, On Top Of Paying $360 A Head

Image source: serafis

#11 Bride Cancels Her Wedding Because Her Guests Didn’t “Donate” A $1,500 Each To Fund The Event

Image source: Re-l-Mayer

#12 Cb Bride Uninvites Guest For Not Producing Free Centerpieces

Image source: TimmyWananaka

#13 Wow

Image source: alllrighty-then

#14 But Her Wedding Is More Important Than Op Dying /S

Image source: alliandoalice

#15 Entitled Bride Wants Bm To Wear Wig To Wedding

Image source: gutsandhoney

#16 Op Is Getting Thrashed In The Comments

Image source: Ladderwings

#17 Entitled Bridezilla Removes Bridesmaid For Developing Anxiety After A Traumatic Incident, And Still Expects Her To Pay!

Image source: Interesting_Ad9686

#18 I’ve Officially Dropped Out Of The Bridal Party. I’m A Size 12 With No Plans On Dropping To A Size 8 By December

Image source: Iwannahumpalittle

#19 Bridezilla Tried Ripping Off Bridesmaids

Image source: ShamedShamingShamer

#20 “Lose Weight If You Want To Be My Maid Of Honour”

Image source: _bubble_butt_, twitter.com


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