Self-Taught Artist Creates Incredibly Creepy Makeup Art

Published 9 years ago

A redditor going by the name of Manatee94 shared some pictures of her favorite recently created makeup art pieces. Though it’s a new-found hobby for her, she has already had some amazing results, astonishing followers with her impressive transformations into creepy characters.

The self-taught artist took up this artform last Halloween and started experimenting with Halloween makeup kits and watercolor face paint. She doesn’t use any prosthetics nor does she paint on others’ faces – she claims that she could only count on herself to work on her own face – for the time being, at least. One piece takes her from 30 minutes to an hour to finish.

I enjoy painting and drawing but I actually didn’t pick up face painting until last year! I’m sure my past experiences on flat canvases helped,” writes the young artist.

More info: Manatee94

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