20 Facts That You Might Not Have Known, Shared By People Working In Different Professions

Published 8 months ago

Once you become really good at something you do for your job, a lot of things about it might seem really easy to you. You could think that everyone who isn’t involved in your field knows simple things like the difference between certain sauces or how to solve computer issues.

But sometimes, things that seem obvious to people who work in a certain job can be really surprising to others. This is what people were talking about in the ‘Ask Reddit‘ community. One person asked them what things in their job are common knowledge to them but not to others. If you want to know what they said, keep reading to see their answers on the list below. You’ll get to learn about lots of different jobs and what people know about them.

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Not in hotels anymore, but spent 15ish years there. People die in hotels all the time. Every hotel I’ve worked at has their stories, and the ones with indoor open atriums are the worst. Sometimes it’s just natural causes (I’ve had twice where someone had a heart attack in the middle of an event) but sometimes it’s drug overdoes or suicides.


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Most grocery stores make about 7¢ profit for every $100.00 spent on the “middle” of the store.

Most profit comes from the perimeter departments.


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The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world behind the oil industry.


Image source: Rennault, Greta Hoffman

Stop using Q-tips to clean wax out of your ears. All you are doing is packing it further in and clogging your ear canals until the wax turns to a rock against your eardrum. Highly recommend using Debrox or some sweet oil and then flushing with warm water instead!

A doctor


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Carbohydrates are not “bad”. Carbs are vital to our body and our brain loves them. Ultra-processed food is bad.


Image source: painthawg_goose, Glenn Carstens-Peters

Computer clouds are just someone else’s computers. Younger folks generally get this.


Image source: queenliz2fr, VreniCZek

If a column fails then it’s very likely the whole building fails.


Image source: Gfy6669, thedevilwithout

That pretty much everything in a grocery store bakery comes frozen in a box.


Image source: ITworksGuys, MART PRODUCTION

I work in IT

Computers are magic boxes that sometimes do what I want them to do.

I can fix them but a lot of the times I don’t know why what I did worked.

Turn it off and back on again isn’t just a funny saying.


Image source: MammothDiscussion513, Leah Kelley

PLEASE clean off your shoes after you hike, it is SO easy for invasive weeds to hitch a ride on your shoes and nest in the next place you take them (like your backyard)


Image source: adimwit, Francesco Paggiaro

Those $25 t-shirts you buy online cost the company about $0.02 each. They’ll buy a case of 500 shirts for about $10.


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It’s not really a “professional secret” but more people should know; you can use the Inspector on any browser to change the text of anything on any website and have it look 100% genuine. Again not a secret but a lot of people don’t know about this. It’s noteworthy since a lot of people still will look for mismatched font or spacing or other tells that something has been photoshopped, but that is utterly meaningless. Can make screenshots that look exactly like a real post with 2 seconds of effort.


Image source: LimpExplanation9645, Pixabay

That language isn’t stationary!
I’m translator and for the last few years my native language (Ukrainian) changing a lot.
We are bringing some old words and rules back and, at the same time, creating new ones, which is awesome.
But, unfortunately, I’m hearing all the time about “truth is only in vocabulary” and “new words aren’t real” and sometimes it is really pissing me off.
Languages are changing all the time! It’s their nature.
Yes, there’s a set of main rules and words but even they are changing from time to time.
People creating new words all the time, some of them are disappearing with time, some staying for much longer and that’s okay.


Image source: vandemic, Mike Delima

Used to be a railroad conductor. Derailments happen all the time. Like multiple per day. You only hear about the major crashes.


Image source: Original_Leopard_162, Windmemories

Most plants you buy in stores are not grown from seeds, but are multiplied by taking a cutting off of a mother plant.


Image source: KIESC159, Son of Groucho

I’m an archaeologist, we got a find, I googled what it could be, that’s what we wrote down… admittedly a specialist will confirm but there’s a lot that we don’t know but hey that’s why we have specialists.


Image source: guyhabit, Chevanon Photography

The lighter the coffee roast, the more caffeine it has. The darker the roast, the less it has.


To elaborate a bit more, the reason dark roasts taste bitter is not because it has more caffeine, but because it’s burnt to shit and that’s just how ash-water tastes. Heat destroys caffeine, so darker roasts have the least caffeine of all.


Image source: xLDKx_NewYorker, Rennett Stowe

That my semi-truck can’t stop as fast as their car.

I need a couple football fields to slow down from highway speed, and that’s in absolutely clear weather… Stop merging 13 feet in front of me & slamming on the brakes for an exit, just stay behind me and wait an extra 2 seconds so I don’t kill you and endanger everyone around us.

Side note. Don’t hang around too close to us either, even something as simple as one of our tires blowing up can kill/seriously injure you by itself or cause us to completely lose control of our rigs if it’s a steer tire.

Sorry for being dark, but people don’t realize quite how dangerous semi trucks can be.


Image source: Bada*sBumblebeee, Mikhail Nilov

Shocking someone (like an AED or “paddles”) doesn’t restart your heart, it stops it.


People often assume the heart stops and an AED fires it back up. The heart is contracting, but ineffectively (an arrhythmia, it’s basically lethally uncoordinated) and therefore not pumping any oxygenated blood to the body. Which equals death before too long. So the idea is to stop the heart so it’ll reset itself to a normal rhythm.

Many films will also show CPR, and the person comes back from unconsciousness. This DOES NOT happen. The only thing CPR does is keeps pressure on the heart to pump oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. CPR is not a treatment, it’s a temporary measure to keep the bodily organs oxygenated long enough to get the heart restarted via shock.


Image source: No_Improvement7573, Alex Green

Mental health worker. Everything you learned on TikTok was a lie. Not wrong. A lie. Take your goddamn meds.

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