Family Hires ‘Professional’ Photographer For $250 To Take Their Portraits, The Results Leave Them Speechless

Published 6 years ago

Took a few pictures with the wrong ISO or messed up white balance? Fear not, because there is nothing that post-production magic can’t fix… Or is there? Well, if you would ask the Zaring family, they could show you quite an example of what it really means when photo editing gets way out of hand.

It all started a few months ago when the family was contacted by a ‘professional’ photographer, who charged $250 for a 45-minute-long photoshoot in a lovely Forest Park in St. Louis. After getting together and taking pictures the family had to wait 8 whole months to receive anything back. “I was fully prepared to be scammed, money gone, and no final product! […] Trust me, at one point my blood boiled anytime I was asked about the status of our photos!!” Pam Zaring wrote on her Facebook.

However, lo and behold, the pictures finally arrived. And, oh dear, was it a sight to behold – the faces of the family were edited so badly, they are hardly recognizable. “She said the shadows were really bad on the beautiful, clear, sunny day and that her professor never taught her to retouch photos,” Zaring mentioned in the caption of the pictures she shared online.

By now her anger is completely gone and the family is not bothered about getting their money back, they actually love how funny it turned out to be. “This is the most expensive comedy I’ve ever paid for!!!!” exclaimed Zaring.

We also have to mention that some of the online commenters doubt the legitimacy of these photos. There has been a rumor that the family edited the pictures themselves and published them in order to get back to the photographer that took ages doing post-production. Still, unless the photographer steps out to clear things up, we will only know one side of the story.

Scroll down to see the hilarious family photos that surprisingly have even started a new photo editing trend.

More info: Facebook (h/t)

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The Zarings went to Forest Park in St. Louis where they paid a ‘professional’ photographer $250 to snap beautiful pictures

Image credits: Pam Dave Zaring

After 8 months of post-production, however, she mailed them something that took the family completely by surprise

Image credits: Lesa Hall

Image credits: Lesa Hall

Image credits: Lesa Hall

Image credits: Lesa Hall

Image credits: Lesa Hall

Image credits: Lesa Hall

But the family don’t want a refund. On the contrary, they’ve found humor in the whole ordeal


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