10+ Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Photos You See On Social Media

Published 7 years ago

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to know just what is real and what isn’t when browsing the internet. We’re not just talking about fake news either, but the millions of images that may or may not have been digitally manipulated beyond recognition.

Take a look at these incredible before and after pictures to see what we mean. They were Photoshopped by a Weibo user who goes by the name of Kanahoooo, although Chinese social media prefers to call her “Photoshop Holy.” Why? Because her skills are nothing short of Godlike, which is why she has over 430,000 followers. Whether she’s altering guys or girls, or even turning guys into girls, there seems to be nothing that the skilled image editor can’t do.

Kanahoooo, whose day job, according to MSN, is to make people look “shiny,” apparently provides Photoshopping services to people who want to look better on their online profiles. “Don’t believe the perfect thing you see online!” she says. “If you want to find out about somebody, then see them in real life.” Check out some of her best images below, and let them act as a cautionary reminder that, when it comes to the internet, there’s a very thin line between fact and fiction.

More info: weibo (h/t: msn, boredpanda)

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