Chinese Family Spends 6 Months Working Out, And Now They Look Like Models

Published 7 years ago

Need a little motivation to keep up with your gym related New Year’s resolution? Then take a look at this family that showed each other support by committing to their 6-month-long weight-loss regime together.

It all started when Jesse’s parents moved in with him and his expecting wife to help out with new responsibilities and strengthen the bond with the soon-to-be parents. After seeing his dad’s bad habits and the awful beer belly, Jesse decided they needed a positive change. The son encouraged his father to change by introducing the whole family to a weight-loss program.

They started with fast walking that soon changed into jogging, that evolved into a full-on exercise regime at the gym. Every 10 days they tracked the results by measuring themselves and now, after 6 months of rigorous training, you don’t need a tape measure to notice the amazing change their bodies went through.

While this challenge was supposed to last 6 months (from March 10th to the 30th of September), the family is sticking with the program to this day as it became their routine.

Want to make your resolution into a routine too? Maybe consider sharing your goals with your family too and try tackling it together. We all know it’s easier to reach your goals when you feel supported.

More info: Facebook | Instagram | Weibo (h/t)

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