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20+ People Who Took Their Family Photo Recreations To The Next Level

Published 6 months ago

Looking at old family photos can be amusing – hairstyles of the 80s or fashion choices of the 90s never cease to put smiles on our faces. And although most people are glad mullets and JNCO jeans are a thing of the past, others boldly embrace their past blunders and make awesome recreations of their old family photos.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the best family photo recreations that will inspire you to try it for yourself. Better start looking for those funky turtlenecks and denim jackets! Check out the pictures in the gallery below!


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#1 Father, Daughter And Their Pets Recreate The Same Photo For 10 Years, Proving That Some Things Never Change

Image source: Mr. Wong

#2 Some Things Never Change

Image source: dawsonalliah

#3 My Husband Was 3 Months Old When His Father Was Killed In A Car Accident. As A Christmas Gift To His Grandmother This Year, We Recreated An Old Photo With Our New Son

Image source: chelsea-vong

#4 A Son Who Predicted He Would Follow In His Father’s Footsteps And Become A Police

Image source: mrmemefirst

#5 We Had To Put My Dog Of 16 Years Down Yesterday, But Before We Did We Recreated Our Favourite Photo With Him

Image source: weezabeeb

#6 Me And My Great Uncle 24 Years Apart

Image source: IdontSparkle

#7 Off To Pre-K With My Grandmother. 19 Years Later, Off To Graduate School

Image source: JohnClarkLevin

#8 Two Brothers Return To Their Abandoned Car In Pripyat

Image source: frenzy3

#9 My Son And I Planted Our Faces On A Copier, Then And Now

Image source: dittidot

#10 35 Years Later…

Image source: OoklaIsMyHomeboy

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