Artist Turns Famous Brand Logos Into Deadly Weapons, And It’s Totally Badass

Published 6 years ago

Famous brands logos carry a certain power within them, but usually, it’s not a lethal one. At least that used to be the case until New York-based artist Tom Galle got his hands on the logos and turned them into weapons.

Tom is known for his boundary-pushing art, and his newest project “Corp Gear” is no exception. The arsenal he’s made out of shapes of brands logos include brass knuckles, knives and throwing stars, which together might be saying there’s something dangerous or even sinister behind these symbols.

What’s your interpretation? Unveil it in the comments below!

More info: Tom Galle | facebook | Instagram | twitter | tumblr (h/t: designtaxi, boredpanda)

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McDonalds Brass Knuckles

Nike Knife

Facebook Crowbar

Mercedes Ninja Star


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With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

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