Fan Recreates Tom Holland’s Photos To Get His Attention, And His Response Was Priceless

Published 6 years ago

We all have one or two celebrity crushes that we would like to meet or at least get a bit of their attention. Well, a 19-year-old Arizona-based photographer Tori Bernal wanted to catch Tom Holland’s attention and she thought of a genius way to do it.

Tori, being a huge Spider-Man fan that she is was determined to get Holland’s attention no matter how. She took his GQ 2017 photoshoot and recreated it to the tiniest detail, and even though her first intention was to make a funny joke it actually resulted in some really good photos. And the best part is that she met the start at a convention a few days ago, and his reaction was priceless, the moment he saw her Tom Holland exclaimed “This was you?! These were viral yesterday!”. We’re happy for Tori’s success and we wish that she’ll be able to meet Tom more than once. Scroll down to see her amazing pictures yourself!

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Meet Tori Bernal, a 19-year-old Arizona-based photographer who wanted to catch Tom Holland’s attention

Tori is a huge Spider-Man fan and the main star of the movie, Tom Holland, is her favorite

So she decided to recreate Holland’s GQ photoshoot from 2017

The photos went viral, gathering over 153k likes and 39k retweets

First of all, we have to congratulate her on her amazing photography and photoshop skills

And we think that the finished result couldn’t be better

A few days ago Tori got to meet Holland and he instantly recognized her saying “This was you?! These were viral yesterday!”

Here’s how the Internet reacted to Tori’s images

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