35 Interesting Comparisons That Will Change The Way You Look At Things (New Pics)

Published 8 months ago

Photography is a powerful art form that allows us to capture moments, places, and objects from various perspectives. Some photographers take it a step further by creating captivating comparison photos that challenge our perception of the world around us.

These striking images reveal the stark contrast between two seemingly unrelated subjects, offering a unique and thought-provoking visual experience. Let’s explore some of those comparison photos that will make you see the world in a new light.

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#1 Smoker vs. Non-Smoker

Image source: Nevermind73

Gaya Knust : “Good god, imagine their lungs 💔”

#2 Ken 1985 vs. Ken 2018

Image source: sum1otherthanme

#3 My 10 Year Progress Pic To Becoming An Rn

Image source: MoveAfterCompletion

My “in my head” Voice : “You can see the confidence growing, too! Well done!”

#4 Ski Trail Sign In Summer vs. In Winter

Image source: Neieric6

Caroline Kimber : “Either that is genuinely a huge amount of snow, or it’s a really big stool that you’re standing on.”

Nicky : “Wow his legs grew a lot in a couple of months!”

#5 Grandma Has Had Long Hair Since She Was My Age, We Took A Photo For Comparison

Image source: bennettofthenorth

Gaya Knust : “Same hair texture and slight curling around the tips, genetics at work here 💕”

#6 Elliot’s Owner Shares What He Looked Like At 4 Weeks vs. Full Grown, With His Favorite Toy

Image source: mac_is_crack

PandaGoPanda : “That toy survived in great shape”

Steph : “Can’t believe the dragon (green one) is still in one piece! Wow! And I love how they eye color changed on the other dragon. 😉”

#7 From A Little Bean To A Majestic Queen

Image source: PolarBla

Kirsten Kerkhof : “That is some epic glow-up!”

#8 Size Comparison Of My Maine Coon To My American Shorthair

Image source: DefinitelyAverage

Downunderdude : “So you’ve got a maine cat and a smaller back-up cat.”

#9 How It Started vs. How Its Going

Image source: bape_x_anime

Gaya Knust : “Omg, how adorably smol they are in the first pic 😍”

#10 B2 Stealth Bomber Compared To A Falcon

Image source: icookcode

I’ve Seen Things : “Mother Nature did it first”

#11 Movie vs. Real Life

Image source: cecibm007

Pernille. : “That cat looks like the joke is getting old, and that whomever is holding it might get murdered in their sleep”

#12 One Year Of Good Care And Love

Image source: zoace88

I’ve Seen Things : “F*** I hate humans sometimes”

#13 My Brother And His Friend, Both Age 13. We Loved The Difference In Height

Image source: elleynads

Robert T : “My colleague’s daughter was like this with her friends. She used to be mistaked for being a mother with her daughters. She’s about 6’4″ now”

#14 10 Year Old Me vs. 25 Year Old Me

Image source: Theoson

Caroline Kimber : “You were definitely destined to become an artist :)”

#15 That Is A Wonderful Accomplishment And Much Harder To Achieve Staying At The Same Company

Image source: MoniMokshith

Kirsten Kerkhof : “That is clearly a good company to work for.”

#16 Then And Now: Cancer Patient vs. Cancer Survivor

Image source: Batson Children’s hospital

Ditto : “I’m so proud of you Noah! Such a happy boy in both pictures but you can see the joy and pride in the second half ☺”

Tessa Dawn : “Best post I’ve seen in a very long time So happy for you Noah 😊🥰”

#17 Man Shares Picture Before And After A Liver Transplant

Image source: Orri

Ditto : “Yay! This is so wholesome! The joy on both of their faces in the second pic”

#18 My Client Asked To Make This Rug With Her Rats

Image source: u/_bbrug

Caroline Kimber : “Omg, those rats are super cute…look at their floof!!”

#19 First Portrait I Ever Did Back In 2011 vs. Most Recent Portrait From 2021, It’s Been A Long Journey

Image source: Proka1234

Ditto : “Wow! That is impressive but I’m also amazed by the first one, your first try and its that good?! Incredible”

#20 The Day After Asher Was Adopted In 2012 vs. Today

Image source: EricaH121

#21 My Wife’s Face On Our Wedding Day Compared To When She Met Rob

Image source: TheNervousPoops

#22 We Have Two Skinny Cats, And One Fat One

Image source: reddit.com

#23 Coming Home vs. Leaving

Image source: imgur.com

#24 Visited The Same Model Village 25 Years Apart

Image source: r7npx

#25 We Live Next To The Ocean, Here’s The Comparison Between The Outside And Inside Doorknob

Image source: mariobros237

#26 Adding The Backstitches To My Cross-Stitch Embroidery

Image source: lavenderfart

#27 The Difference 11 Days Can Make For This Maple Tree

Image source: LazuliBunting32

#28 From Broken Legs To Long Legs

Image source: Critical-Cupcake-912

#29 A Pic I Took Of My Husband With All The Books He Wrote Oc

Image source: FaolansPen

#30 Two Dogs Of The Same Breed: One Shaved And Second One – Not Yet

Image source: frutas_swd

#31 Summer Body vs. Winter Body

Image source: Valley_View

#32 The Size Of A Tornado Compared To The Size Of Wind Turbines

Image source: chakalakasp

#33 Chinese Explorer Zheng He’s Ship Compared To Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria. They Both Lived In The Same Era

Image source: pumpychowdown

#34 World’s Smallest Computer Compared To A Grain Of Rice

Image source: elee0228

#35 Real Japan vs. Anime

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