Finally Mehta family got a New Life

Published 8 years ago

“Dad! Please close your eyes, I have a surprise,” Kabir exclaimed, flashing a paper in front of Mr. Mehta’s eyes. Kabir seemed elated, and Mr. Mehta, bemused.

Mr. Mehta hastily grabbed the paper from Kabir’s hand and eagerly ran his gaze across it. His lips beamed, his eyes sparkled. His whole face glowed as he hugged his son, shivering with unspeakable happiness. With his own hands, Kabir fed each member of family, with the sweets he had brought alongside the job offer letter.

It was the day of his dreams for Mr. Mehta, the one he had been waiting for years. Kabir finally secured a decent job, after years of constant hard work and sacrifices. Staying in a rented small room, he somehow managed to run a 5 member family and providing his children with prolific education. He used to sell sari, going door to door, in the lush green small city of Bokaro. But never ever, he compromised with his children education. And his children too reciprocated Mr. Mehta’s sacrifices. They all were hardworking and excelled in academics. Kabir had always been a topper amongst his classmates and batch mates.

It was a life changing moment of Mehta family. Everyone was rejoicing the much awaited feat attained by Kabir. Mr. Mehta organized a small party and invited his closed ones to celebrate the success of his son. It was a rare moment of joy for the family. Everyone congratulated Kabir, and Mr. Mehta was the proudest member in the party.

Kabir’s posting was in Ranchi, so the whole family was moving to Ranchi. Mr. Mehta no more needed to go door to door and sell Sari. He can now enjoy his remaining life with his family, amidst other necessary comforts of life. One of Mr. Mehta’s relatives booked a three BHK flat for them, and all other paperwork was completed with the co-ordination of Kabir. They just needed to move from Bokaro to Ranchi. They excitedly started preparing a happier life ahead.

They started packing their stuffs, and Kabir started searching a reliable packers and movers Ranchi service. He finally went ahead with APM relocation private limited.

It was the day when they were finally leaving Bokaro. The packing was completed. And two lorries of APM reached their home at the scheduled time. Both the drivers were courteous and well behaved. They helped Mehta family in loading the heavy suitcases and other stuffs on the lorries. Finally, with teary eyes and bountiful of memories, they sat on the lorries full of luggage and the Tata Indigo that they booked. His whole childhood flashed in front of Kabir and Mr. Mehta smiled remembering his struggling days in Bokaro.

After hours of journey, the family finally arrived at the flat they booked. Excitedly they began shifting the luggage to the flat. The drivers of APM lorry unloaded the lorries and carried the luggage all the way to their flat. Mehta family thanked the drivers as they were fully satisfied with service provided by APM at a very economical price.

A new life began for the Mehta family. And they earned it, with hard works and sacrifices.

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