Five of the best hedging plans

Published 8 years ago

Hedges are gaining popularity as an attractive and green alternative to timber or metal fences. Consider these five options for natural boundaries in your garden, which will perfectly complement your turf grass whilst providing privacy and security for your home.

Trimming Hedges with Manual Shears

1. Pittosporum tenuifolium – This fast-growing evergreen plant can grow up to 1.8 metres in height in just one year, providing instant privacy and shade for all seasons.

2. Camelia sasanqua – Keep your garden colourful summer through spring with different varieties of sasanquas. Whether you prefer a glossy green hedge or pink blossoms, this plant tolerates full sun and will hold on to its colour in the winter months too.

3. Lilly pilly – Another colourful option, this hedging plant produces pink and white leaves in the spring and rich green foliage in the summer accompanied by sprouting pink fruits. Drought tolerant, the Lilly pilly is an ideal option for hot and dry climates.

4. Murraya paniculata – Growing up to three metres, this evergreen shrub’s white summer blooms produce a pleasant aroma and is best suited to partly shaded gardens.

5. Callistemon viminalis – Also known as Little John Bottlebrush, this dense shrub is a perfect fit for a native bush garden, with multi-hued leaves and red and gold flowers.

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