23 Shocking Things Flight Attendants Found In The Hotels They Were Staying At

Published 4 years ago

The life of flight attendants is tough – not only do they have to deal with rude travelers and suffer from constant jet lag, but apparently they also get to stay in some dodgy hotels. Imagine coming back to your hotel room after a full day of cleaning spilled drinks and shoving luggage into overhead shelves only to find some funky hair or mold in the shower – gross!

Flight attendants are sharing the most bizarre things they’ve encountered in the hotels they were staying at and some of them are truly shocking. Mystery puddles, giant spiders and lots and lots of mold – check out all of the weirdness spotted in hotel rooms in the gallery below!

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#1 Ceiling Mold

From a flight attendant at a Radisson: “I was walking to go warm my food up in communal lobby microwave because we get no micros in rooms. I felt something drip onto the hand I was holding my food in. I looked up and saw this.”

#2 Mumb…yiii!!!

From a jet-lagged airline employee staying at the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai, India: “I don’t think this toilet has been properly cleaned since the ’80s. Or perhaps it has and the guest before me just drank the tap water. Either way… GROSS!”

#3 A Fungus Among Us

From a flight attendant on layover in Orlando who believes there was an actual danged ‘shroom growing in the shower at her hotel.

#4 Ncis: Clarion

Blood on a bed. Is it fair that flight attendants who deal with this crap on the job should have to find it when they’re on a romantic getaway with their sweetie?

#5 That Came Out Of The Shower

From a flight attendant on layover. After she showered she noticed all of the dirt particles that had accumulated on the floor of the tub. She swears it wasn’t on her when she got in, it wasn’t there WHEN she got in, so that pretty much leaves one way.

#6 Hotel Airplane Lav Snot

From a major stockholder in Purell, who says, regarding this blob of bloody snot on the vanity of the first-class lav: “I didn’t pay enough to clean up this”.

#7 Anti-Peeping Proofing

From a flight attendant at The Focus at SFO. Checked in and found paper wadded-up, plugging the door peephole.

#8 Astroglide

From a flight attendant: “My toe just got stuck in some unidentifiable goo on the floor in my room. I refuse to get down and smell it for the sake of the research department.”

#9 Hotel El Paso Phone Funk

From a flight attendant on layover: “True story. Last night/this morn there was a loud party somewhere on our floor. When I finally got tired of being woken up time and again I called the front desk about 3 am to complain. This phone had an ODOR to it, a HORRIBLE odor like someone had wiped their butt with it. While I was complaining to the desk clerk about the noise, I had to hold receiver AWAY from my ear, the funk was that bad. Afterward, I then had to go and wash my ear and face off because I could still smell the reek.”

#10 Moldy Hair Dryers

From a flight attendant on layover in New York City, the Captain from the crew found a giant cockroach on the ceiling of his room.

#11 A Little Birds Nest Of Hair

A diminutive flight attendant who found this cache of hair in her hotel shower at a Courtyard by Marriott in Richmond.

#12 Hotel Nashville Smoke Detector

Who would steal a smoke detector? As seen in Nashville.

#13 Someone Really Wanted To Get In

Someone REALLY wanted to get in to this room at the Galt House in Louisville.

#14 Hotel Phone Filth

At the Hyatt/Jacksonville. The previous users of the phone chewed tobacco, had flaking scabs, Ebola or all of the above.

#15 Layover Filth

From an airport hotel in Orlando. Nice. Probably not a tub you’d want to take a bath in.

#16 Hotel Blurred Pee Pee

Discovered by a flight attendant on layover in LA. She reported it to the carrier so she wouldn’t get blamed.

#17 Sink Driibleage

Another look at some under-the-sink grossness at a Comfort Inn in DC from a flight attendant being a tourist.

#18 Not So Grate

What the hell? At an airport hotel in Syracuse.

#19 When Electroluxe Meets Flobee

On an international jaunt, “I would like to proclaim my absolute hatred for these types of hairdryers. Not only does it look like a vacuum cleaner or a Flowbee, but it takes me 25 minutes to dry my hair with this POS.”

#20 There Probably Wasn’t Much Of A View Anyway

From a flight attendant on layover in Corpus Christi. She blames the opaque window crud on: “salt air and the petrochemical plants on every street corner.”

#21 Hotel Door Jam

The airlines have protocols and procedures to protect their flight crews on layovers and savvy employees learn the do’s and don’ts of life on the road. But sometimes the lodging doesn’t accommodate. From a flight attendant on her night between flights.

#22 Multi-Tasking With Your Bidet

At the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman Jordan courtesy of one of the legions of harried, under-paid, over-abused sky waitrons.

#23 Hotel Spider

A flight attendant at a hotel in Milwaukee found this little bugger lowering itself down to join her in bed. Shrieks and hairspray sent it RAPIDLY back up to safety on the ceiling.

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