“Fluent In Finance”: 30 Relatable Memes About Our Economic Struggles

Published 1 month ago

We often consider finance to be a rather tedious subject. Dealing with finances tends to be confusing, boring and time-consuming. Unless we are “looking for a man in finance”. But the reality is we have to deal with finances daily whether we like it or not. From managing our personal budgets to being informed about political financial decisions that affect our quality of life, one has to acknowledge the importance of being economically savvy.

However, this doesn’t stop the subject matter from being difficult to understand. This is where the r/FluentInFinance  subreddit steps forth to help those of us challenged by our current economic situation. Their posts, jokes and memes help us navigate the topic on a much more palatable note. Scroll below to check out some of their most popular content in the gallery below.

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#1 Income Over $1 Billion Be Taxed 100%. Agree Or Disagree?

Image source: YOU_ARE_MY_FRIENDS

#2 But I Thought Money Can’t Buy Happiness?

Image source: caitiehannan

#3 Is The American Dream Dead?

Image source: TreJames_

#4 Just To Be Clear, Food Stamps Are Not In Fact, Bad

Image source: paywallpiker

#5 What’s The Worst Money Advice You’ve Ever Gotten? I’ll Go First:

Image source: MattBellassai

#6 What Advice Would You Give This Person?

Image source: FunReindeer69

#7 How Can We Fix This?

Image source: JYSexton


Image source: Calm_Target_2942

#9 Mom Said It’s My Turn To Post This

Image source: Biocockspeedrunner

#10 $1,900,000,000,000,000,000?

Image source: Public_Citizen

#11 Don’t Let Them Fool You

Image source: djscuba1012

#12 Smart Or Dumb To Get A Tax Refund?

Image source: SweetOnionBreath

#13 Taxing The Rich Is Our Best Solution Until We Can End Capitalism In This Country

Image source: Inevitable_Stress949

#14 He’s Not Wrong. Very Depressing. Crazy To Think About

Image source: TayZonday

#15 What Other Common Sense Ideas Do You Have?

Image source: RightNutt25

#16 Being Poor Is Expensive — Agree Or Disagree?

Image source: jjfitzgeraldMD

#17 The Rich Shouldn’t Pay More Taxes. The Government Should Spend Less. Disagree?

Image source: YOU_ARE_MY_FRIENDS

#18 He’s Not Wrong ?‍♂️

Image source: YOU_ARE_MY_FRIENDS

#19 What’s Destroying The Middle Class?

Image source: thatanglo

#20 Tax Breaks For The Ultra Rich Are Not A Fix

Image source: RightNutt25

#21 Should There Be A Wealth Tax? Smart Or Dumb?

Image source: NotAnotherTaxAudit

#22 How Do You Handle Unexpected Bills?

Image source: atomdatcom

#23 Millions Of Cattle “Investing” In Brutal Corporate Oligarchy / Slaughterhouses, Occasionally Wondering Why Record Slaughterhouse Profits Entail Higher Costs And “Inflation”

Image source: xena_lawless

#24 Why Is Inflation Still High?

Image source: YOU_ARE_MY_FRIENDS

#25 So Much This. It’s Not Minorities. It’s The 1%

Image source: paywallpiker

#26 Would You Quit Your Job To Flip Burgers For $350,000 A Year?

Image source: KylePlantEmoji

#27 It’s Bullshit!!!

Image source: Peace_And_Happiness_

#28 Supply And Demand Bro.. It’s Simple.. Don’t Buy That Thing You Need!!!¡!

Image source: Wide_Preparation8071

#29 Are We All Being Scammed?

Image source: Mooshisdad

#30 “Trickle Down” Reaganomics Created A Plutocracy

Image source: RBReich

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