“What’s Something You Used To Be Cheap On, Until You Tried A High-Quality Version, And Now You Can’t Go Back?” (20 Responses)

Published 2 years ago

Living is expensive, but it can’t be helped. Every day, we have to spend money to get us through the day. Though, to be honest, we’ll regret some of it along the way.

However, we can also appreciate our purchases! In this Reddit thread, netizens shared their expensive purchases that they did not regret at all. On the contrary, they also encourage others to do the same purchases. Find these purchases below, and perhaps, you may add these to your next grocery list!

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Image source: CinnyButta, Joakim Honkasalo

Airplane tickets. I can’t go back to economy for long flights after experiencing first class.


Image source: flowerpotpie, Sora Shimazaki

Soap! Cheap soap just strips your skin. Expensive soap makes it so you can’t keep your hands off yourself – skin so soft and pliable, plump and fresh and glowing and smooth. Wow. Game changer.


Technology. Like, screen monitors, consoles, laptops, phones, etc. some of it high quality products are far more worth the buck

Source: SunfallWayfinder


Image source: GboyFlex, Nick Fewings

Eggs. Once I tried free range organic farm fresh eggs with those deep orange yolks..I just couldn’t go back. Paying over $6 a dozen isn’t cheap but so worth it.


Image source: Creative_Recover, Lukas

It’s not something I buy often due to the expense (more of a rare treat), but when you do, It’s best to go for one that’s high quality (lots of marbling, well-aged, a good thickness & cut, etc). When cooking steak, there’s not a lot you can do to make a low quality one taste great, but if you start with a quality ingredient, then there’s likewise not a lot you can do to go wrong with it.


Art supplies. I got to use really high-quality stuff for my college classes changed my life.

Source: siverfanweedo


Image source: Sokkdart, Womanizer Toys

Good bras. God! It helps to have a good bra which would fit you and not leave marks on your skin.


Image source: McMoist_, Ron Lach

dish soap. my god, i will never again purchase great value dishsoap. dawn ftw


Image source: meiliraijow, Djordje Petrovic

Computer chair


Image source: Sienna-hart, Daniel Romero

Earbuds/headphones. Used to think people who paid over $20 for earbuds were ridiculous. Eventually got tired of my $12 ones breaking or being such low quality.


Image source: castironskilletmilk, Kristian Egelund

Running shoes. I thought I could just get regular tennis shoes and call it good. I started to train for a 5k and my “reward” to myself for finishing was to get a pair of actual running shoes. My gosh the difference is unbelievable and I will never be able to run in anything else ever again



I decided to try some more expensive underwear and I bought some form 3 different brands. One of them definitely stood out as the winner, AND I’M NEVER GOING BACK!!

Source: swarog1020


Image source: igotleeches, Kenny Eliason

My bed.

Please everyone, treat yourself and buy a high quality bed set. Mattresses are expensive but it’s worth its weight in gold. Even if you just get a new set of covers, something with a high thread count. Sleep itself isn’t as important as how you sleep.


Image source: debotel917, Oana Cristina

A menstrual cup! I cannot describe how much better it made my period days. No mess and way less discomfort than when I was using pads and tampons. Never going back!


Image source: TiffyVella

We cheaped out and bought low quality garbage bags once. It made our week a misery. They split, leaking bin juice all over the pantry floor. They burst halfway to the wheelie bin. They just make more work all round, and never end up being a saving as you have to double up anyway. False economy.


Image source: pool_and_chicken



Image source: remisaurus-runs, Thom Holmes

A winter coat.


Image source: F1DrivingZombie

Ballpoint pens, used to get the 99 cents for like 5 or 6 and now pay $2-3 per pen


Image source: some_weirdo_in_sa, Erik Mclean

I find it weird that this comment isn’t here (unless i overlooked it) but TOILET PAPER!
Once i started using 2ply i knew there was no way in hell i was going back to 1ply.


Cat food. Now that I buy the fancier brand that actually looks like food I don’t think I can go back to feeding my cat lumps of brown mush that look the same no matter what the meat is.

Source: OrangeTree81

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