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10+ Vintage Photos Taken Between The 1940s And 1970s That Show How Different Flying Was

Published 7 months ago

Travelling by airplane wasn’t always such a gruelling task as it is today – in fact, back in the middle of the past century, it was quite a luxurious experience. Sadly, those days have passed (and some airlines are even considering “standing” seats) but at least we have some pictures, showing how different everything used to be.

Even though these days roasted ham and cocktails have been replaced with soggy sandwiches and cans of 7 Up, at least it’s no longer allowed to smoke on a plane. Imagine being stuck next to a smoker on a four-hour flight! But smoking and fancy dinners aren’t the only things that disappeared – comfortable leg space disappeared along with them.

Check out how different flying used to be in the gallery below!

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Source: KLM


Source: BA Speedbird [Heritage] Centre


Source: Iberia


Source: BA Speedbird [Heritage] Centre


Source: Iberia


Source: KLM


Source: KLM


Source: BA Speedbird [Heritage] Centre


Source: Delta Flight Museum


Source: KLM

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