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20+ Rare Vintage Photos Of Grocery Stores That Will Amaze You

Published 8 months ago

Remember when Boris Yeltsin visited the USA in 1989 and couldn’t believe the grocery stores he was seeing? We bet you’ll feel this way when you see this collection of vintage grocery store photos.

The guys at Bored Panda have collected a series of vintage photographs showing grocery stores of America in various different time periods. You’ll see everything from isles filled with glass soda bottles to cars driving inside the supermarkets, and without a doubt, you will say “wow!”.

See the vintage grocery stores pictures in the gallery below!

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#1 1980, When Every Soft Drink Bottle On The Shelf Was Still Glass

Image source: Dave Aldrich

#2 Country Store On Dirt Road. Note The Kerosene Pump On The Right And The Gasoline Pump On The Left. Brother Of Store Owner Stands In Doorway. Gordonton, North Carolina, 1939

Image source: Dorothea Lange

#3 The Grocery Store Of The Late 19th Century, USA

Image source: skipperbob

#4 Grocery Shopping, 1960s

Image source: skipperbob

#5 Cashiers At The Piggly Wiggly Continental, Encino, California, 1962

Image source: notbob1959

#6 Interior Of The Original Piggly Wiggly Self-Service Grocery Store, Memphis, Tennessee. The First Self Service Grocery Store, Opened 1916. Picture From 1918

Image source: Clarence H. Saunders

#7 Publix Supermarkets Showcased Their Wide Aisles And A Self-Service Dairy Case By Driving A Shopper Around A New Store In A Tiny Car, Circa 1957

Image source: Publix Supermarkets

#8 Shopping In Coop Store, Greenbelt, Maryland, 1938

Image source: Marion Post Wolcott

#9 Two Women Shopping In An American Supermarket, Circa 1970

Image source: H. Armstrong Roberts

#10 Publix Market In Sarasota, Florida, 1961

Image source: State Archives of Florida/Steinmetz

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