39 Things That Even The Panic Shoppers Didn’t Buy

Published 4 years ago

As more and more countries are declaring quarantine, people are rushing to the stores and sweeping everything off the shelves. Needless to say, toilet paper and hand sanitizer sold out first, followed by canned food, frozen goods and everything else. However, there were some things that even the panic shoppers didn’t touch.

Shoppers are sharing the food items left behind by panic buyers and it looks like Hawaiian pizza lovers have nothing to worry about. Chocolate hummus, cauliflower-flavored mac and cheese, and Corona beers – check out all the food items that were spared by panic shoppers in the gallery below!

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Image source: Philotroll

Even in such shortages nobody wants Pineapple Pizza



Image source: LauraHunttFoti


Image source: julianaillari


Image source: HillaryMonahan


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Image source: AlexAmigo


Even in the apocalypse nobody wants ham and pineapple

Image source: Fightingdragonswithu


Image source: slydanno70


The only thing left on the shelves due to corona virus. At least it’s not *that* bad yet.

Image source: reddit.com


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Image source: littleredheadgirl


Poor Takis! No one wants them

Image source: Bugster527


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Image source: DRMBYRNES


Image source: brandonw1971


Real commentary on the human condition – no matter what kind of mixed vegetables you buy, there’s ALWAYS too many carrots

Image source: dydodiem


Image source: stweetleigh


Image source: josephjrose


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Image source: queenofdialysis


Dear Arrow water, people would rather risk death than drink your nasty tasting water

Image source: Julene Mathews


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Image source: biz_o_scaring_cats

The only produce left at my local grocery store is onions because nobody wants that trash

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