30 Sets of Free Social Icons for Your Blog

Published 13 years ago

Every experienced blogger knows that social media plays probably the most important role in driving traffic to his or her website, so it doesn’t hurt having a very cool set of social icons!

Best of all, all these amazing social media icons that we’ve handpicked from a whole bunch of websites come for free – just scroll down the list, and find one that fits your blog design. If you happen to find something useful, you can always thank me by leaving a comment.


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Hand Drawn Doodle


Grass Textured

Hand Drawn

Woven Fabric

Black Magic Marker

Old Bottle Crowns

Black Ink Grunge Stamp



Black Paint Splatter

Dark Denim

Crumpled Paper

Wall Stickers

Social Sketches

Grunge Peeling Stickers

Worn Cloth

Hand Icons

Extreme Grunge

Whitewash Star Patterned

Coffee Stain

Glossy Waxed Wood

Page Peel

Stitch Styled

Wooden Badges

Handy Icons

Vintage Postage Stamps

Soda Cans


Web 2.0 Origami

Got wisdom to pour?



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