20 Popular Money-Saving Hacks That Aren’t For Everyone

Published 1 year ago

When it comes to advice, people are more than willing to share what has worked for them in the hopes that it does you as much good as it did them. However, individual circumstances differ and an outside party may not be totally aware of the nitty gritty’s of another’s situation. Therefore, any advice imparted may not always be applicable to the receiving party. 

This can be quite true in many aspects of our lives, from relationships to nutrition to financial decisions. There are many different styles and ways of handling these individualistic needs and some common tips that worked for the majority of other people may not necessarily work for you. According to folks, some of the below-mentioned frugal tips fall into this category of suggestions that may not work for everyone across the board, and so you may want to think twice about whether it fits your lifestyle before adopting them. 

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Image source: piglet33, Jack Sparrow

For me, it’s get roommates and live somewhere cheaper. I have PTSD from an old roommate pulling a knife on me, another ex-roommate SAing me, and I’m also a massive introvert. Home is my happy place. I don’t drink or go to bars, my hobbies are v low cost, and so I spend more of my paycheck on housing costs than others might. Solely for peace of mind.

At the end of the day, money isn’t everything and quality of life is important. Being frugal means not spending money frivolously, but ensuring peace of mind and comfort isn’t frivolous imo.


Image source: IcePackNiceCat, maitree rimthong

I hate it when people are like “if you save ten bucks a day/week/etc you’ll have X amount by the end of the year!” Like bro, I’m living paycheck to paycheck , if I don’t run out of money after rent that’s a major victory for me.


Image source: Lazyassbummer, Andrea Piacquadio

Change jobs and move to a LCOL. I’ve spent 20+ years in my film career. I have rent control. No, I’m not moving to live in a dull city with no job for me.


Image source: 00kumquats00, Karolina Grabowska

Googling coupons! Love the concept but the ones I find are always fake & unusable!


Give up Starbucks, brew your own! You’ll save so much money!
B***h, I don’t drink coffee

Image source: DawnieG17


Image source: bulimiasso87, Ashkan Forouzani

I’m in Texas, no way I’m turning this AC down, or working out outside. I will pay those bills if it means I don’t have to live in this swamp a*s humidity.


Image source: ICumInThee, tara hunt

Cheap hotels. I would rather live/stay in an airport terminal than a cheap a*s bed bug museum. And I have.


Image source: rammo123, JJBers

References to stores we don’t have. “Just go to Sam’s Club and get beef for $3/lb”.

Firstly what the hell is a Sam’s club? And second beef hasn’t been that cheap where i live since the war.


Image source: dexnola, Markus Spiske

unplug appliances when you aren’t using them bc they draw a tiny amount of power. so spend a whole bunch of time running around my house so I can save like less than a dollar per year


Image source: SuccessfulBrother192, Tim Reckmann

Cheap shampoo. My hair looks like s**t with that stuff and I get sores on my head.


Image source: SweaterWeather4Ever, Karolina Grabowska

Pay with cash. I don’t mean making sure you have the money in the bank for big purchases but literally having bills on you at all times and only buying things with cash rather than card. People who preach this say you spend less when you have to part with physical money, but I have found that to be the opposite with me.


Image source: yoshhash, Matt McGee

coupons. They only have them for boxed, packaged, processed stuff that is not really whole food. You never see coupons for produce, for meat, for flour, etc. And I think this is by design. They’re not going to trick me into buying c**p I don’t want.


Image source: bluemercutio, Markus Spiske

I’m really annoyed with the “grow your own food, it’s cheaper” tips. Has anyone ever managed to keep basil alive? And then you have to buy pots, soil, fertilizer and in summer water the plants every day. It’s very time consuming. And the whole plant could die on you.

I grow some stuff as a hobby, chilis, chokeberries, grapes and strawberries, but it doesn’t save money.


Image source: Berts-pickled-beans, Ny Menghor

Gardening. If you don’t have anything to garden with, it’s a little pricey. Also, if you don’t have the knowledge, the trial and error is costly of money and time. In season produce bought at the farmers market is so low cost that I can’t seem to bring myself to garden


Image source: gandalfdragon, cottonbro studio

Thrifting as your main source of clothing. It’s great if you’re on a smaller size, which is cool, you’ll have lots of options and can take things in. I wear 14-16, L-XL depending on brands. My options are all either really short things, really out of style things, or just unavailable because they’re already gone. And now with resale market booming the good stuff is gone off the racks quick, and i’m not willing to pay $12 for an old navy shirt that I can buy on sale for 5.99. All good brands are gone before I even get there. I used to get decent work stuff, leggings and other work out clothes, even got a nice, outdoor branded puffer jacket for like $15. But now, a stained tshirt goes for 7.99+. I just wait for sales, and buy better things at retail stores.


Image source: utsuriga, shankar s.

All the US-centric advice, tbh. Yes, I understand that most of the sub is probably from the US, but not everyone, and it’s fairly grating when people just assume that everyone is from the US.

Eg. “Buy in ethnic stores!” – yes, they’re probably cheaper than supermarkets/etc… *IN THE USA.* But where I live, “ethnic” stores are crazy expensive because they do in fact carry imported “exotic” stuff. There are the so-called “Chinese” stores usually ran by Chinese or Vietnamese owners that carry a lot of items that are off-brand/downright fake/sourced in less than fully ethical or legal ways, they used to be a bit cheaper than supermarkets, but not anymore… or when they *are* the product is painfully low quality or downright dangerous.


Image source: Whole_Mechanic_8143, Maria Lin Kim

One tip that doesn’t really work for me is to stop using delivery services and buy my groceries at different stores based on coupons etc. I buy the same stuff weekly from the same online only store that offers free delivery for purchases at just about my standard base weekly shop cost, and the few dollars I may save more buying at physical stores with coupons etc is just not worth the time and hassle I would have to spend getting everything home myself.


Image source: Fit-Meringue2118, EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA

Anything concerning energy and being uncomfortable. Yes, I can always put a sweatshirt on. Yes. I can always take clothes off.

But no a/c meant I couldn’t comfortably cook. Turning heat off or down in the winter meant arthritis flair ups, and I was miserable, cranky, hated life. Either means poor quality sleep.

Anything that involves changing skin care or hair care. I have a lot of sensitivities, and while I’ve tried all of the cheap brands, I always end up going back to the stuff that works and doesn’t make me miserable.

Meal prep. I don’t get how people do this. I’ve yet to see a TikTok demonstration that looks like it would be good for every single day.


Image source: always-peachy, Einar H. Reynis

It’s the opposite for me. Winter are -20C to -40C. Ain’t no way I’m exercising outside in the winter.

My pet peeve is telling me to shop at Costco because it’s cheaper. I live alone so the portions of fresh things are just too big. The membership and driving to a separate store doesn’t save me any money.


Image source: genesimmonstongue415, whoohoo120

When people endorse ⭐️ thee most ⭐️ unethical companies on the damn planet. I’m not perfect at all, as a consumer, or as a person…I’m f****d up too.

But endorsing WalMart, Amazon, McDonalds… these companies very loudly & proudly treat their employees like dog s**t.

( If someone is dirt poor & lives next door to WalMart, ok — that I understand. No other option in life, to survive. )

But dude, I usually hear these endorsements from people who are upper/middle class, & have more dough than me. ? it’s so annoying.

“You don’t have Amazon?!?!? Huh?! Why not?!?”

Because they treat human beings like slaves.

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