25 Jobs People Wouldn’t Quit Even If They Won The Lottery

Published 7 months ago

Making money is something most of us just have to do whether we like it or not. It’s a part of life that we rarely have any choice in if we want to survive in society. 

Though not everyone is happy in their jobs there are a rare few who are so happy with their method of earning that even if they won the lottery they wouldn’t be willing to give up on it. Scroll below to read what Redditors had to say recently when asked which job roles are so meaningful that they wouldn’t give up on it even if they hit the jackpot. 

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#1 Kennel attendant. I’ll never willingly turn my back on these animals.

Image source: anon, Guilherme Stecanella/pexels

#2 I am a Zookeeper ?. I would love to win the lottery- but I wouldn’t quit my job. Working with animals is incredibly rewarding

Image source: Soggy_Sector_7777, Zookeeper/pexels

#3 Clinical cancer research. I might have a few more days off though.

Image source: ProfessorFunky, Edward Jenner/pexels

#4 I already quit my necktie job to become a wood artist. I would never go back to the office no matter what.

If I won a billion dollars tomorrow, I would continue to make and sell my wood items. I would improve my shop, buy more tools, air purifying system, compressor, sanders, and perhaps build a shop with nice windows and storage space. And I would love to spend the rest of my days making things and then selling them. It is not the money, it is that people want things I thought up and made.

Image source: MontEcola

#5 When I win the lottery I’ll still work but I’ll probably go to part time. I work with children with special needs :) my job is rewarding and special, I love working with kids. Plus I’m too young to “retire” and not work, I’ll get bored lol

Image source: No-Section3226, Arthur Krijgsman/pexels

#6 This is going to sound stupid but I deliver food for UberEats.
I do it mostly for my mental wellness. I am retired so I do this to get me out of the house during the day instead of sitting around doing nothing but battling my depression and anxiety.

I love the feeling of riding around town on an electric scooter and seeing the sights here in NYC while also having a feeling of self worth… if that makes any sense.

I don’t expect anyone to understand how much I get out of doing deliveries but I hope it can make some semblance of understanding to those in the psychiatric field at the very least because I feel as though I need validation for some odd reason.

Image source: Beginning_Ninja_2089

#7 I work at an after-school program for teens with disabilities and it is the most fun, rewarding job I’ve ever had. Plus, I would miss my kiddos.

Image source: sqwrlydoom, nappy/pexels

#8 Public librarian.

Image source: Ill_Opportunity_1960, cottonbro studio/pexels

Not leaving till I can’t do it anymore. Love the public (most of them, most of the time), love getting people resources to improve their lives, love being the first to know about new books/movies/music/board games, love spending tax money on things that make people actually happy, love talking to my ridiculously smart, talented coworkers. I’m on my fourth career. This is the only one I wouldn’t leave immediately if money were no issue.

#9 I’m a musician.

Image source: loose_lady_lutenist, Ryan Holloway/pexels

Basically I have what for most people is a dream job, which makes me a non-representative specimen. On the other hand, I still occasionally work as a paramedic, and as rewarding as that job can be, I’m mostly doing it when I want to grab some extra cash. I’d probably let my certs expire if I was rich.

#10 I run my own company and my employees are like my children. I love them to bits, and we do meaningful work with remarkable companies. I hit the jackpot already

Image source: GNuLLiF, fauxels/pexels

#11 I’m a doctor. A great portion of my income is already donated to my hospital’s program that expands access to low-income patients. I’d probably give 100% of my income to the program if I won and use the lottery winnings for living.

Image source: Shiblets, Karolina Grabowska/pexels

#12 I recondition (light remodeling) apartments after tenants move out. I’m alone all day and I can listen to podcasts or books, the work is very satisfying to me, and as a woman I’ve loved learning HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work as I use the experience in my own home when things break/need updated. I would go crazy without working anyway but I really do love my job

Image source: Dependent-Bass-2043, Blue Bird/pexels

#13 Barista is my main regular job. I f*****g love it. I love being able to talk to people all day and making cute little swans or whatever in peoples drinks.

Image source: Low_Perception9046, Quang Nguyen Vinh/pexels

#14 Midwife. aka badass mother helper.

Image source: Ambidravi, Jonathan Borba/pexels

#15 I’m a winemaker. I absolutely love what I do, and would never give it up. If I was to win the jackpot, I would buy better toys for my vineyard and winery.

Image source: TheRealVinosity, Grape Things

#16 I’m actually a chef at my local homeless shelter. My dream job, even with an advanced degree. I’d not quit this if I won 3 lotteries. I would, however, cut a fat check to my organization and my sister organization

Image source: subwooferofthehose, Rene Asmussen/pexels

#17 I teach people how to sew, mostly kids but we have a few adult classes as well. It is stressful but also so rewarding to see a room full of people who have learned a skill from you and can take home a bunch of goodies, and sewing is a dying skill so we need to teach it more!

Image source: Interesting-Chest520, Wallace Chuck/pexels

#18 I’m the Assistant Director for a Children’s Theatre. It’s really not something you do for the money. You do it because you love it and can’t imagine your life without it.

Image source: RamblingsOfaMadCat, Artem Podrez/pexels

#19 I’m a hospice nurse. I wouldn’t quit my job. I feel like it’s important. But I wouldn’t stress about taking a vacation if I won the lottery

Image source: Short_Ad_9383

#20 I do hair. Love it! Gives me purpose.

Image source: Hyperboleballad, Maria Geller/pexels

#21 I drive a bus for a retirement village and memory care unit. They’re not all a bunch of brain dead trump zombies and the ones that aren’t are the best, sweetest, kindest people I’ve ever met. I love my residents.

Image source: MandalorianManners, Csongor Kemény/pexels

#22 I train shelter dogs and write grants for animal welfare orgs. I love how dogs think and the look on their faces when they understand what you’re asking them to do, and I love grant writing because it’s like manipulation in written form.

I’d keep a chunk of the lottery money to buy a house and a big backyard and get my self a chef because I hate cooking (and get good health insurance), but a lot of it would go into a foundation where I could give it to shelters and rescues. Just think, we could save THOUSANDS of animals every year.

Image source: head_meet_keyboard

#23 I’m a criminal defense lawyer. The job can get stupid stressful, particularly in the days leading up to and during jury trials for clients charged with serious crimes, but damn, does it feel good to advocate for others, all while pushing back against baked-in injustices that plague the criminal system.

Image source: TheEighthJuror, August de Richelieu/pexels

I feel so fortunate. Every day is a reminder that crime does not happen in a vacuum – if you leave a toaster outside all winter and then go to plug it in in the spring, it’d be unreasonable to expect it to work perfectly. But yet that’s oftentimes what the criminal system expects out of people who have themselves been subjected to trauma from the earliest moments of their lives.

#24 Nursing, I kind of still like it. I’d probably back off to part time, if I won big.

Image source: LadyVaresa, RDNE Stock project/pexels

#25 I get to read DUI police reports all day. Most entertaining job I’ve ever had.

Image source: Wookie301, Jopwell/pexels

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