20 People Share The “Little Luxuries” That Make Them Happy And Feel Rich

Published 12 months ago

When you’re pinching pennies, no one feels the struggle but you on how to budget for every dollar and cent. Once you reach a certain level of financial comfort, however, you tend to appreciate even the simplest things in life that were still out of reach during your less prosperous days. 

One netizen sparked an interesting discussion by asking, what ‘little luxuries’ they enjoyed for the first time that made them feel ‘rich’. The answers were honest and humbling, to say the least. The responses resonated for a great many, and may do the same for you when you stop to think about how some people are still dreaming of achieving the most basic pleasures of life. 

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#1 Being able to grab extra things while grocery shopping just because I’m in the mood for it, without having to worry about sticking to an exact budget.

Image source: Ewace246, Greta Hoffman

#2 Having a full pantry and refrigerator. And I didn’t even grow up with food insecurity.

Image source: searedscallops, Kindel Media

#3 Leisure time. I sleep in, wfh, I live in a beautiful home, I eat out if I want to.

Image source: happyhippo237, Samson Katt

#4 I make 85k myself. My partner makes 107k. Water, light, and wifi bills are on autopay.

Image source: Cassandra_Canmore, Liza Summer


Image source: Maximum_Vermicelli12, Abby Chung

Buying underwear and bras nobody else has worn.
In-home laundry.
The utter luxury of gig work that enables my lifestyle.
Passing out snacks to fellow homeless.
Buying a book instead of visiting the bookstore for a week straight to stand around reading.
Getting the local cats fixed because the city won’t.
Feeding the local cats because my neighbors rather see them eating in the dumpsters.

#6 I grew up pretty poor and do well for myself now but honestly small things like not having to calculate how much groceries cost to make sure I can afford them make me feel rich and ordering guac on the side at Chipotle makes me feel *rich rich* lol

Image source: biznissethicz, Tessa Rampersad

#7 Good cheeses, having the time to lounge in the sun, buying and wearing quality clothing.

Image source: salzmann01, Polina Tankilevitch

#8 Thick toilet paper.

Image source: tc88, Vlada Karpovich

#9 Being able to pay for things I need **&** things I *want* without feeling guilty or terrible for wasting money. My ex husband used to make me feel so bad for buying a $3 coffee at Dutch Bros once a month as a treat for myself…with my money. I dont feel bad for spending $10 over my budget on groceries anymore and that feels so good.

Image source: NatAttack89, Vlad Vasnetsov

#10 Being able to buy sanitary products. I buy extra and give them to a local food bank every week.

Image source: cloudyextraswan, Natracare

#11 Being able to travel and experience new cultures, traditions and nature. (Even if i stay in a hostel and share a room with 10 people!)

Image source: luoya66, Jake Melara

#12 Being able to get my nails done every month. Might be stupid but it used to be an unattainable luxury for me.

Image source: anon, cottonbro studio

#13 Being debt free, having a high credit score, and not having to struggle just to pay my bills.

Image source: Bebe_Bleau, Karolina Grabowska

Those were some luxuries that I didn’t have when I was younger.

I will never forget the day I made my last student loan payment. I went outside, laid on the grass, and cried happy tears — Yes, FULL DRAMA was VERY necessary. LOL.

#14 Going to the dentist and hygienist

Image source: Zealousideal_Mall218, Andrea Piacquadio

#15 Not having to check if I have enough money for something before I purchase it.

Image source: Thesnowbelow, Karolina Grabowska

#16 When I can transfer some money to my savings account. Sometimes it’s just $10 sometimes $100.00

Image source: justforfun887125, Khwanchai Phanthong

#17 Not having to shop sales when I need new clothes. Also when my husband takes me out for a nice dinner and a movie and I’m not sitting there doing math to see if this is ok.

Image source: Artemiswolf221b, Arina Krasnikova


Image source: TheRipsawHiatus, Mikhail Nilov

I remember the days I used to scrounge up every coin I had to take it to the bank in hopes to get a few bucks for gas money or some bread. I remember visiting a friend’s house, and they just had a few dollar bills tossed in their bowl by the door, mixed in with various junk and keys. It was always just sitting in there anytime I visited. I remember thinking, “Man, I’d love to just be in a place financially where I could afford to have loose dollar bills just floating around unused”.

Now every time I find a loose bill I had forgotten all about (and don’t need for anything), I feel like “I made it”.


Not having to ask for financial help from family to do what in your mind equates to basic shit, and being able to casually wander into shops to see what they have because now you can dare to want something that falls outside of basic survival.

Growing up poor meant having it drilled into my head constantly to never ask for anything, don’t even want anything, because the answer is no unless you’re dying and need it to avoid death. I never really realized how much that became a part of my identity until I had the freedom and means to actually make my own choices. Buying something “frivolous” (Hair ties, a new blanket, caffeine, etc) still feels wrong sometimes, and while I know my parents were doing their best as stressed out blue collar workers, I can’t help but feel a little resentful toward them for how hard they went at the “Don’t you dare want nice things” angle when I was younger.

Image source: Sintuary


Image source: Ok_go_ohno, Kamaji Ogino

This is going to sound odd. Buying my toddler expensive shoes without worrying about his next pair. I grew up pretty poor shoes that fit well and were good quality were always an issue. It caused me a few foot problems(mainly my gait and how too small shoes effected my toes)..knowing I can make sure my little one has high quality shoes that fit him properly makes me feel wealthy.

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