20 Things People Thought Were Luxuries Until They Realized They Just Grew Up Broke

Published 1 year ago

As children, we would always see grand things and think of them as something the rich could buy. Did someone just buy a new car? They must be rich! Someone has a swimming pool in their backyard? They surely are rich! On the bright side, those sightings inspire us to hustle so that we can afford those things later on.

These 20 people felt the same when they were young. Now that they’ve grown up, they can afford the things they considered only the rich were able to afford. However, a realization hit them, it’s that the things they can afford now, are the things that everybody should have been able to afford all along! Scroll down below to see these items that weren’t supposed to be just luxuries for the rich!

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A pool.

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Ordering an appetizer with your entree for dinner or ordering take out regularly


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Air conditioning.


Filling up the whole gas tank

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Orange juice.
As a kid, I vowed to be able to afford as much orange juice as I wanted when I got older. Started working in high school and used my first paycheck to buy a gallon of orange juice. I drank it all in one day and got horrible diarrhea.


Image source: ripper4444, Alexandra Nosova

Soda. We never had it in our house. Over at my best friend’s house they had cases of it in their garage. You could drink it like water when you were over there.


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I will just say that I still feel really guilty buying new clothes or going out to eat.


Fast food. A lot of the food we ate growing up came from our garden or hunting. We did a lot of canning.

My dad inherited a house from his step father and it came with this pantry full of canned green beans. We ate green beans for dinner 5 days a week for probably about 4 years straight. I still won’t eat green beans.

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Image source: Anxiouswalnuts, Allef Vinicius

Anything that required money at school. If anything required bringing money to school I just took it as something I’ll have no part of. Thankfully, I had friends that were much the same, so we got through it well.


Eating every day.

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Things at the book fair. You could probably buy a good hoard of stuff from the book fair for 30-50 dollars looking back. I was given $7 one year to buy something and I couldn’t afford a book.


Caprisuns. Lunchables.

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A two story house. If you had stairs you were rich.


Enough bedrooms for all the kids.

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Remember those electric car things kids use to have ? Anybody know what I’m talking about

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Vacations. Like actually going somewhere. We’d go on car trips once in awhile.


Not me but my parents.
They quite literally had a rags to riches story, they lived in the most run-down house available in the Philippines.
After years of gaining money, my grandpa and grandma managed to move the entire family into a condo. And that’s where my mum and dad come in, once they had me they gave me a life that they didn’t have. Toys, proper food and generally a better life then what they had. I’m forever thankful.

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Kitchen islands


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Travelling by plane. As a kid I never been in an airplane, I always thought that was for extremely rich people.



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