30 Photos That Perfectly Illustrate How Hot This Summer Is

Published 3 years ago

If you’ve recently been outside, you probably noticed that this summer is almost unbearably hot. And it’s not just in your area – extreme temperatures have been recorded all over the world. Naturally, this prompted people to do whatever it takes to stay cool – even if it meant resorting to some pretty extreme means.

Today we have prepared you a collection of pictures showing how people are handling the recent heatwaves, and it seems like there’s nothing some of them wouldn’t do to escape the scorching heat, even if it’s just for a minute. See how people around the world are handling the heat in the gallery below, and let’s hope the temperatures drop soon!

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#1 Saw This While Walking Through A Small Town In VA – It’s Nice To Know That Someone Is Looking Out For All The Pups In This Summer Heat

Image source: beeems

#2 It’s Kinda Hot In Turkey, So The Shop Owner Let The Kittens Sleep On The Freezer

#3 How We Beat The Heat In Australia. Ice Cold Can On A Warm Belly

Image source: samanthahalpin

#4 It Was A Really Hot Day So This Little Guy Decided To Lick The Condensation Off My Drink

Image source: WoodPeckker

#5 It’s Hot In Thailand

Image source: sheldonpooper

#6 It’s Just A Dry Heat

Image source: Syrachacha

#7 Guy In Hot Arizona Heat Did Not Want His Dog’s Paws To Burn So He Pulls Him In A Cooler

Image source: Suspicious-Guidance9


#8 Farmer Takes A Couple Of His Pigs To Go Swimming During Heatwave In The Netherlands

Image source: pommax

#9 A Security Man In Egypt Decided To Cover The Dog’s Paws To Protect Him From The Hot Pavement

Image source: miserablerick

#10 Nature In The Shadow Of Technology

Image source: DrBonerman

#11 Giving Water To A Dehydrated Bunny In 100-Degree Heat

Image source: DigitalOSH


#12 Due To The Extreme Heat (40C) My Local Convenience Store Let A Stray Dog Inside To Cool Off

Image source: ZororiTheFox

#13 After 40°C Heat, It Finally Started To Rain

Image source: mrObry

#14 It’s A Bit Hot In Australia Today

Image source: 7shades

#15 Too Hot For The Fox In London Today

Image source: sfindlay90


#16 Left My Cassette Adapter In The Car In The Hot Sun. Result: Hottest Mixtape Of The Year

Image source: NIPLZ

#17 Postal Worker Cooks Steak On Truck Dashboard To Showcase “Inhumane” Working Conditions During Extreme Heat

Image source: AZHouseGOP

#18 Moose Finds Water On A Hot Day

Image source: FleshlightModel


#19 Beat The Heat

#20 Hot Australian Days Have Melted Our Wax Buddha Into Slumber

Image source: slowend

#21 You Know It Is Hot When

Image source: Ruthless53

#22 It’s So Bloody Hot Here In Australia At The Moment, And I Wondered Why Birds Weren’t Using Our Bird Bath

Image source: whitecollarzomb13

#23 Due To The Heat Waves In Belgium Hedgehogs Have Trouble Finding Food So They Wander Into Gardens

Image source: Nonunsenses

The internet told me to put out cat food for them. Eddy the hedgehog has been visiting every evening at 10 for the last few days.

#24 Hot

Image source: llagerlof

#25 The Heatwave In Britain Made These Cans Explode In The Vending Machine

Image source: GrepekEbi


#26 It’s So Hot Here In CA That This Gas Station Puts Covers On The Door Handles To Prevent One From Burning Their Hands

Image source: lunchboxx78

#27 When It’s So Hot Out, You Need To Take A Break From Doing Your Squirrel Things

Image source: WemissPluto

#28 It’s Hot Today In Colorado

Image source: denverdrew

#29 I Spotted This Guy In Paris Helping His Pupper Cool Off In The 40°C Heatwave

Image source: Almighty_Egg


#30 It Was Pretty Hot In Korea Today

Image source: PandaInvasion2k17

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