25 April Fools’ Day Pranks That Kept The Laughter Going All Day Long

Published 3 weeks ago

April 1st may have come and gone, but who says the fun has to end there? When it comes to playful pranks, creativity knows no bounds, and Redditors recently proved just that. When someone on the platform posed the question, “What’s a fun April Fool’s prank to pull on your significant other that doesn’t involve making them sad?” the floodgates opened, unleashing a torrent of lighthearted and amusing suggestions.

From harmless antics to clever tricks, the responses showcased the ingenuity of internet users when it comes to keeping the laughter alive year-round.

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Image source: fat_foodies, freestocks

One year I painted my husband’s soap bar with clear nail polish, let it dry, and put it back in the shower. It would not lather no matter how hard he tried.


I ordered several prank books with horrifyingly awkward titles. I’m placing them in a box labeled with my neighbor’s address. I’m going to bring them inside as if they were mistakenly delivered to my house, and have instructed my son to rip the box open whilst it’s unattended on the counter. My husband will now have the unenviable job of taking our neighbors their opened box of books with titles like,”A**l Bleaching for Beginners”. I coordinated with the neighbors with instructions to make my husband squirm with discomfort over opening their package. I will give him a good five minutes over there, and then finally let him realize he’s been pranked.

Image source: AverageLurkerWoman


Image source: Knithard, Brett Jordan

Putting googley eyes on everything.


A few years ago, my partner tempered some chocolate and made me a mixed bag of flavours to enjoy. Macadamias, crushed hazelnut, etc… then I came across the ONE! A chocolate covered cherry tomato. It was absolutely disgusting and quite a shock.

Image source: Nuggetz100


Image source: mightyatom13, Vie Studio

I unrolled the toilet paper a bit, drew a big hairy spider on it, and then rolled it back up.


Image source: salajaneidentiteet, Oleksandr P

I switched up the order of my brothers drawers once. He was not amused and neither was mom. I still think it was funny and completely harmless.


Image source: raycre, riki lifestyle

Buy a leek from the shop and put it under the sink. Then tell your SO that you think theres a leak under the sink and ask them to look for it.


A number of years ago I put pop-rocks under the toilet seat after he went to bed. His morning poop woke him up better than coffee! He loved it, I loved it, 10/10 prank.

Image source: FroggiJoy87


Image source: nimaku, Alex Green

My husband changed my autocorrect in my phone to make “you” swap to “ya’ll.” He’s lucky he picked a forgivable prank.


Image source: Storyteller678, lexky

I made fake dog poops out of tootsie rolls that matches the size and consistency of what our Yorkie produces from her back end. Then I left them on the floor where my wife would see them.

After she woke up and made the discovery, I heard her yell, cursing at the dog. “I’ll get it.” I replied, and promptly picked them up and popped them in my mouth and chewed them up.

The look on her face was priceless.


Image source: pharmers-daughter, Brett Jordan

Here’s what I’m doing for my husband tomorrow: our favorite pizza place cuts their pizzas into strips. We’ve been going there weekly for 24 years. I worked it out with the owner that tomorrow the guys are going to cut our pizza into traditional triangle slices. He will FREAK OUT! Ha!! I thought of this prank last year and I’ve been waiting to use it for months!! I’m so excited!!

Edited to add: I hear you! I will update you guys tomorrow! You’ve made my night – thank you for sharing in my excitement. :).


Image source: CarlyFries28, Hana Brannigan

When we were kids, my sisters and I took all of my dad’s underwear and socks and sewed them together end to end so that when you pulled one out, they all came out. They were super loosely sewed together (like two long stitches each) so it was easy to cut them apart.


Image source: dumbasstupidbaby, Caleb Minear

I switch the bags in different boxes of cereal. Set the alarm to a different sound. Replace family pictures with pictures of Danny devito.


Image source: crusty_kidd, Shawn Stutzman

My mom always changes the clock times when my dad takes a nap to make him think he slept for like 8 hours

doesn’t work now that we all have smartphones .


If you SO works from home and you know any of their coworkers, take a picture of whatever is behind them when working from home so coworkers can use as background on camera meetings.

Image source: lizlemonworld


Image source: ashrenjoh, Alexander Kovalev

My bf is a daily PC gamer so I’m gonna do the ol’ Ctl + Alt + ⬇️ and flip his screens upside down.


Image source: nicehuman16, sunshinecity

My son once filled my purse with bras that I had to remove at the register to reach my wallet.


Image source: bickel89, Jonathan Borba

We told a coworker there was vandalism in the parking lot and it looked like his tires were slashed. When he got out to his car we had taped photos of Slash to his tires. (Starts sad and ends happy).


Image source: lingonberryjuicebox, Rodion Kutsaiev

Put jello in cup. put straw in cup while jello solidifies. looks like a refreshing fruit beverage. give to so. they try to drink it. cant, its jello. pranked. give spoon.


Image source: arharris2, Tobias Dziuba

A few years ago, I changed my wife’s birthday on Facebook to be April 1st. She spent all day confused why she was getting happy birthday messages.


Image source: JessKN, Liliana Drew

Buy a toilet brush identical to the one you already have. Then place the new one in the dishwasher.
When she notices, and maybe freaks out a little, remind her that you have been washing it like that for months/years without her complaining.


Image source: zool714, Ella Olsson

Not a SO, but I remember coming back from school and my sister said there were brownies in the fridge. I went there, opened it up and there were a few brown ‘E’s. She cut up some papers in the shape of an ‘E’ and colored them brown. That little s**t.


Image source: PenaltyElectronic318, Ilo Frey

Leave oranges around the house when they’re sleeping. Throughout the day, hand them oranges. When they’re talking, say “Hold this for a sec” and hand them an orange.

Confuse, don’t abuse.


Image source: Ravenmorghane, Maria Orlova

My husband has this silly thing that he loves pretending it snowed and gets me all excited to see out the window (I love snow). We’ve had some pretty random weather lately so I think I might be able to pull off pretending it snowed. Pretty sure he has no idea its April 1st tomorrow either.


Image source: captainmagictrousers, Quốc Bảo

Tell them you’re planning a huge prank, but don’t actually do anything. It can be fun to watch someone waiting for a prank that never comes.

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