New ‘Selfie Shoes’ Will Take Your Selfies To The Next Level

Published 9 years ago

Selfies are the most prominent form of self expression in the 21st century. And ‘Selfie shoes’ by  Miz Mooz are taking them even further into the future. Selfie sticks are cumbersome, embarrassing and easy to lose, while taking selfies by hand doesn’t make for very good photography. Not anymore! Using the Selfie Shoe, an active lady on the go can take selfies wherever she goes. She only needs to insert the phone in the slot, raise the leg high and push the inner button with her toe. Presto! A new selfie is born. And if art is used to show our life experiences and emotions, then the new shoe selfies (or ‘shoefies’) are going to do it much more efficiently.

Miz Mooz is a popular shoe brand out of New York and the new ‘Selfie Shoes’ are slated to their next success story. What we like even more is the genius decision to unveil the product on April Fools’ day.

More info: | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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