21 Relatable Comics That Show The Difference Between Your 20s And Your 30s

Published 6 years ago

As sad as it may sound, none of us are getting any younger. The wild and crazy things you may have enjoyed when we were in your 20s get slowly overwhelmed by responsibilities and lack of energy in your 30s. And suddenly one day you realize that pulling an all-nighter is no longer possible without feeling like a zombie the other day.

The illustrators at Bored Panda have created a series of relatable comics that show how life differs between your 20s and your 30s. From stiff necks to unbearable hangovers – we know that entering your 30’s might sound scary. But don’t worry – you’ll start enjoying the simple things of life, like taking a good nap or receiving a practical gift!

Check out the relatable illustrations in the gallery below!

More info: Bored Panda

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