35 Times Animals Became Internet Comedy Stars

Published 4 months ago

In the vast expanse of social media, where scrolling through countless posts has become a daily ritual, there’s a delightful corner dedicated to spreading joy and laughter—meet the “Animal Memes” Instagram page. This online haven is a treasure trove of cute and hilarious posts featuring both wildlife and our beloved furry friends at home.

Let’s take a closer look at why this page has become a favorite among animal enthusiasts and meme lovers alike.

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#1 No Offense But The Sweet Dog Is The Only Good Part About That Photo

Image source: animals.hilarious

Blue: “I think it makes the photo as whole so much better : 3”

Tamra: “This is absolutely a perfect picture of a dog having a great time.”

#2 This Is My Most Favorite Meme Of All Time

Image source: animals.hilarious

catslave6: “I can relate. I, too, have made this face for the same reason!”

#3 They Are Owlowed

Image source: animals.hilarious

Madre_Dr4gnZFly: “Owls. Cool. Mysterious. Weird AF.”

Hobby Hopper: “They can’t turn their eyes, so they have to turn their heads.”

#4 What A Sweet Gentleman ?

Image source: animals.hilarious

nomnomborkbork: “Male lizard hoping she wakes up soon ’cause his toes be giving out…”

Barong: “I can somewhat relate. Many times I’ve risked nerve damage and lost sleep by not moving my arm or leg that was in an uncomfortable position because my wife, son or dog fell asleep on it and I don’t want to wake them up.”

#5 I’m Something Of A Tit Warbler Myself….?

Image source: animals.hilarious

Tee Pussi: “It does what to what now?”

Huntress of Artemis: “It has such beautiful feathers!I am totally gonna try to draw it.”

#6 They’re Playing The Floor Is Lava ?

Image source: animals.hilarious

Lyop: “Some kiddos have been told off the the tables and chairs quite often, haven’t they?”

Bongokittycat: “My cats play the floor is lava all the time, they go any which way to avoid the floor, in fact they are parkour kitties! 😸”

#7 “Excuse Me Sir You Need To Moooooooooooove”

Image source: animals.hilarious

Pedantic Panda: “Beep the horn.”

#8 The Baby Feels So Safe And Comfortable

Image source: animals.hilarious

varwenea: “Is the girl named Heidi? Seems like something Heidi would do.”

Jack Burton: “The baby goat in the backpack !! So cute ! What an awesome rescue team”

#9 You Are Not Wrong Sir, It Is Indeed A Lion Wearing Sunglasses

Image source: animals.hilarious

Pollywog: “Definitely!! The whole thing is trippy!! The top is a pig in a wig wearing a necklace and the bottom is two screaming skulls in with long black hair!!”

#10 Doggos Are Everyone’s Best Friend At This Point

Image source: animals.hilarious

Jack Burton: “Genuinely i am never bored by this already seen picture”

Upstaged75: “I’ll post this fun fact again. The Columbus Zoo’s cheetah support dog is named Yeti. :) She’s raised several sets of cubs for them. She’s big, white, and fluffy – hence her name.”

#11 ..and Again For The Millionth Time

Image source: animals.hilarious

Birgit M: “Or just: When you have a cat.”

#12 Meet Lily, The Queen Of Puppy Dogs Eyes?

Image source: animals.hilarious

Alexandria Tyme: “Lily can have everything I own with that face”

#13 Furafic Fark

Image source: animals.hilarious

ToastedFroggy: “Lol, laughed so hard I snorted and the dog had to come check me out.”

#14 You Can Tell Which One Is Frank?

Image source: animals.hilarious

Hippopotamuses: “We need to monitor this situation.”

#15 Ah S**t, Bro Let’s Put Our Differences Aside For The Greater Good Of Our Survival ?

Image source: animals.hilarious

ManBlob: “I want to know what the guy did to fight a lion in the first place 😆”

Jack Burton: “Always need a human as a scale to remember how freakin huge cats they are”

#16 Goals

Image source: animals.hilarious

ManBlob: “Who took a picture of me on the sea?”

Min: “Modern problems require modern solutions. Two thumbs up for creativity.”

#17 Can We Refer To Baby Ocelots As Ocelittles?

Image source: animals.hilarious

#18 I Knew This Would Happen One Day

Image source: animals.hilarious

ThatCapybara: “I wish the media would cover this 😭”

#19 «ask Driver: What His Down Jacket Is Made Of!” ?

Image source: animals.hilarious

Mashmelo: “The quack checking for crack”

#20 When I’m Hangry, I Don’t Look As Cute, Unfortunately! ??

Image source: animals.hilarious

Binny Tutera: “Did someone cross a tiger with a corgy???🤣”

Idgafwyt AllDat’N’ABagOfChips: “That is one heck of a chonk. Definitely don’t wanna mess with this kitty 🐯🐅”

#21 It’s Pledge Your Allegiance, Pledge ?

Image source: animals.hilarious

Tobias Reaper: “thats eagle for try me”

#22 I’m Starting To Think People Actually Don’t Know The Difference Between Lamb And A Bb Goat

Image source: animals.hilarious

Madre_Dr4gnZFly: “This would be an adorable Easter card.”

#23 Eyes Almost Popped Out ?? I Hope They Gave Him Two Apples After This Traumatic Experience

Image source: animals.hilarious

Nash Nopper: “oh nooooooooo…..”

#24 ?? It Took Me Few Minutes To Understand What That Was

Image source: animals.hilarious

#25 I Read It As Potassium

Image source: animals.hilarious0

#26 Ain’t Say He’s A Perfect Guard., But Indeed A Loyal One!?

Image source: animals.hilarious

#27 Not A Real Bat, But Cute

Image source: animals.hilarious

#28 ❤️?lollipop Lollipop Owl Lolli Lollipop

Image source: animals.hilarious

#29 Horsepower ??

Image source: animals.hilarious

#30 Maybe She Wants To Be Picked Up?

Image source: animals.hilarious

#31 I Had A Therapist Who Kinda Acted Like That Once After I Told Him All The Traumatic Events I Had Overcome. He Said: It’s Amazing That You’re As Healthy As You Are. ???‍♂️

Image source: animals.hilarious

#32 I’m Sorry For This??????????

Image source: animals.hilarious

#33 The Only Abusive Relationship I’m Willing To Tolerate ?

Image source: animals.hilarious

#34 Don’t Knock On Your Door When Your Glasses Are Off

Image source: animals.hilarious

#35 When You Hear That You Wanted To Fight With Bouncers In A Club????

Image source: animals.hilarious

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