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This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To ‘Ads With Threatening Auras’ And Here Are 30 Of The Funniest (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Nowadays, people cannot live ad-free even for a single day as ads are everywhere. There are various types of ads– some are funny, others are evil, and some are simply weird. If you are interested in the weird ones, the “Ads With Threatening Auras” Facebook group is where you’ll find them.

The Facebook group is dedicated to the ads that make people laugh and frighten them at the same time. We have featured this group on DeMilked before, check out our previous post if you missed it. The Facebook group has gained more than 100,000 members now and continues to entertain people. Check out some of their latest posts in the gallery below!

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Image source: David Hammel


Image source: Billiam Rox


Image source: Bee Vo


Image source: Lee Edwards


Image source: Bobbie Jo Brewer Johnston


Image source: Romeo Vásquez


Image source: Refah


Image source: Logan Heavilin


Image source: Daniel Sheppard


Image source: deapoirierbooks


Image source: Goldie Siglos


Image source: Sim Elise


Image source: Bryn River Sanders


Image source: PurpleBerry YumYum


Image source: Bepis Man


Image source: Liz Kirchhoff


Image source: Amandio Rua


Image source: Madyson Reed


Image source: Luke Snyder


Image source: Jerome Juliano


Image source: Brandon Ray


Image source: Hera Stxysh


Image source: Cody Rose


Image source: Johnathan Funk


Image source: Allister Greene


Image source: Johanna Calcines


Image source: Kahionwakta Stone Deere Waka


Image source: Eirika Huang


Image source: SamChaplin


Image source: Caleb Kyle

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