30 Times People Spotted The Most Bizarre Ads And Just Had To Share Them In This Online Group

Published 3 years ago

When it comes to ads, not all of them can simply be categorized into just “good” or “bad”. There are also ones that would best be described as simply weird, and if there’s one place that welcomes these types of ads with open arms, it’s the Ads With Threatening Auras Facebook group.

The Facebook group in question is dedicated to the most confusing ads that people came across, and most of them will leave you with more questions than answers. It has nearly 76k members, and is never short of hilarious new content – check out some of the best submissions in the gallery below!

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Image source: Jeremiah Webb


Image source: Gab Gorospe


Image source: Jenny Benedict


Image source: Austin Bachman


Image source: Julia Lu


Image source: India Nordby


Image source: Erika Marie Carlyn


Image source: Stefan Helms


Image source: Josh Simpson


Image source: Thafnine


Image source: Kody Riggleman


Image source: Kelvin Sirco Simz


Image source: Bear Bear


Image source: Ñïïäh Ñïïäh


Image source: Ella Dempster


Image source: Benn Danger Cox


Image source: Kai Blank


Image source: Thallie Slothennagar


Image source: Shywa


Image source: Amy Gilroy


Image source: Dave Williford


Image source: Amaya Villareal


Image source: Michael Gess


Image source: Patrick Hollander


Image source: Kody Riggleman


Image source: Matty Mas


Image source: Kyler Donaghy


Image source: Ca


Image source: Nathan Fiscaletti


Image source: Lawrenz Silva

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