40 Hilarious Animal ‘Sploots’ To Make Your Day

Published 8 months ago

When we brought our first puppy home, it played and played and then literally melted into a puddle with legs and arms splayed at incredible angles. Honestly, it scared me but turns out animals are more flexible than we realise and this “sploot” position is quite normal, not to mention utterly adorable. 

Turns out it’s not only puppies that can manoeuvre themselves into this cute position. Folks have spotted various animals ranging from owls to pigs splooting in this fashion and quickly snapped a pic as proof. Lucky for us as we now have this adorable collection to enjoy, so go on and scroll to check out some of the most adorable animal sploots from around the world shared on the subreddit r/sploot. 

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#1 Apparently Hoots Also Sploot

Image source: questionhorror

Angela B (edited): Shploot hoot.

#2 Piglet Sploot!

Image source: Treefullofmonkeys

NapQueen (edited): Bacon Seed LOL!

#3 Are Bird Sploots Allowed Here?

Image source: killerbunnyfamily

NapQueen: I can’t stop looking! I wish I looked like a masterpiece when I ‘sploot.’

#4 Hes Throwing A Fake Fit!

Image source: llullabyY1

Brittania KelliHis tummy says he loves you, his face says something very different….

#5 Floating Sploot

Image source: hasanyonereddit

Mark HowellCan you set me up a Margurita at the side?

#6 Dude Just Sleeps Like This

Image source: Tyindorset

Thee8thsenseReverse sploot.

#7 Kitchen Sploots Are His Favourite

Image source: lexahoe

sbjJust like my old doggy who we named Floppy because of this behaviour

#8 Dad Teaching Son How To Sploot

Image source: goingdownthehill

Thee8thsenseDual sploot.

#9 Our Little Guy Ari Doing His First Sploot In His New Home

Image source: Battleaxe_Macaroni

CORGI QUEENah yes corgis creators of the sploot

#10 Do Bun Sploots Count?

Image source: mr_afrolicious

#11 The Tinniest Of Paw Bean Sploots

Image source: Merch_Jesus

Black CatLooks like a toy you could squeeze and it’d squeak.

#12 Big Boye Sploot

Image source: tubbybubbies

HelmGrasswith big bear beans!!

#13 Not Even Sure What Sort Of Sploot This Is

Image source: dixie1224

Angela BMelting sploot? Sploot liquide? Downward sploot? C’mon Pandas, help me out here…..

Andrew Burke: Dali Sploot

bludenuff1: Persistence of sploot

Everett: spleeeeeorp

Roselyn Park: Droop Sploot.

#14 My Boy Oliver

Image source: SomeGuyFromRI

Thee8thsenseOliver has the cutest bum!

#15 What? You Like My Sploot?

Image source: MercyEveryMorning

Angela BDraw me like one of your French sploots.

#16 Business In The Front, Party In The Back

Image source: GeneralReposti_Bot

Jay ScalesSuch a neat sploot!

#17 Smol Splooters

Image source: icant-chooseone

Angela B : Did somebody drop their clouds on the floor today?

#18 Like Father Like Son

Image source: crispknight1

#19 Couch Corner Sploot

Image source: Joesdad65

RebelliousslugSuch a tiny little splooter

#20 He Fell Asleep Like This. I Posted It Elsewhere Before Learning About Sploot

Image source: svrsek

Black Cat: Looks like he’s drunk and couldn’t quite make it into bed before passing out.

#21 How My Cat Sleeps

Image source: bgandy2020

IlaTheRedheadBambooEaterYeah but power cord is unplugget

#22 Norwegian Elkhound Splootin’

Image source: jazzyyy44

Andrew Burke (edited): Upvote simply because it’ an Elkhound

#23 So A Few Days Ago I Caught My Cat Cooling Down His Balls Against The Laminate Floor

Image source: tarikleottoman

HelmGrass: the question mark seems to be well placed

#24 I Was Told I Should Post This Here. Enjoy The Sploot!

Image source: schmooot

Jay ScalesI love this – completely owning it!

#25 Kailo Only Sleeps In Sploot Formation

Image source: regionkid

Daya MeyerEnjoy it. They will grow so fast and then they will more and more change to a more adult sleeping position.

#26 Backwards Sploot

Image source: yomaishimi

Angela BAhhhh yes, the reverse sploot. 8.7 degree difficulty.

#27 Can Dogs Model For Vogue?

Image source: tomanysocks

AuntriarchNo, but this one could be on the cover of Dogue

#28 Chorizo Sploots Because He Can’t Feel/Move His Back Legs And This Is Comfy For Him, But Also Because He’s Just Fancy Like That

Image source: skeev-boi

Black CatOlga Korbut cat.

#29 How About A Hamster Sploot

Image source: YetAnotherWeeb


#30 A Very Lady-Like Sploot From Our Resident Queen

Image source: justanoptimist

staceybeaverhausenmy heart just exploded

#31 Sleepy Sploot

Image source: tinamesh

Iron PenguinThat is some pretty extreme splooting. Looks like they’re somehow splooting right into the floor.

#32 Look Back At It

Image source: bonelessepanaphora

Daya MeyerSassy!

#33 Sunset Sploot With Bonus Crossed Paws And Fancy Tail

Image source: xvH719jft7

#34 The Rare Armadillo Sploot!!

Image source: Binyeum

Meep-MeepThe feet look like chicken legs lol

#35 Splooting On Top Of His Favourite Teddy

Image source: Normal_Juggernaut

#36 Just Found A Pic Of Our Anywhere/Everywhere Splooter, Seamus, From This Winter!

Image source: megantheswede

#37 Sploooooooooooot

Image source: Tyindorset

Angela BExtended sploot.

#38 Sploot

Image source: FrictionalMott

It’s me.:  Looks like the floppy plushie is too tired for a walk. It’s sploot time.

#39 This Lil Baby Loves To Sploot!

Image source: aetherion_aish

Thee8thsenseBeautiful cat and behold the beans!

#40 Our Office Kitten Doing A Big Sploot

Image source: oakelso

Thee8thsenseCutie patoototey splooty.

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