30 Times Kids Wrote Such Clever And Funny Answers In Exams, They Had To Be Shared Online

Published 2 years ago

Most of us have been in a situation where we didn’t know the answer to a question in the exam and had no idea what to do with it. Well, some kids prefer using their wit and humor instead of just leaving the answer blank.

Today, we’ve collected some of the most hilarious and clever answers kids wrote in their exam sheets. Scroll below to read them and don’t forget to smile.

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#1 Answer: Hot Dog

Image source: Joz2323

#2 My Sister Teaches 5th Grade. Nice Try, Jackie

Image source: robbiefreeze

#3 My Little Cousin Nails A Test Question

Image source: davidehg

#4 Answer On An English Exam Paper

Image source: JrsSdx

#5 This Kid

Image source: Bobbyrp

#6 3rd Grade – New Math

Image source: chesnutnomiddlet

#7 Who Are You Who Is So Wise In The Ways Of Science

Image source: game_end_melol

#8 These Tests Are Getting Easier And Easier

Image source: blokkiesam, DavidBartram_

#9 My Wife Teaches Grade 3, This Was Not The Answer She Was Expecting

Image source: cryonova

#10 I Have A Tradition With My Teacher To Draw Each Other Memes On The Exams, So Here Is Another One

Image source: Smoothie-criminal

#11 This Kid Gets It

Image source: Carlamon_ster, imgur.com

#12 My 8-Year-Old Cousin’s Homework

Image source: imgur.com

#13 My Wife Is A Teacher And Found This While Marking An Assessment

Image source: jimmypompom

#14 Astronomy

Image source: code_ex_nihilo

#15 Well It Didn’t Say It Had To Be Analog

Image source: gunnybikes

#16 Provide An Example Of A Risk

Image source: jackrunbackwards

#17 Potentially The Best Answer My Daughter Has Ever Given On A Worksheet

Image source: Ms_Sugarbaker

#18 This Is Why Teachers Love To Teach Apparently

Image source: SamanthaElley

#19 Debatable. But Still A Good Answer

Image source: novapunkX

#20 This Is The Best Answer I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: AlexBrior

#21 Not Knowing The Answer On A Science Test

Image source: imnotafgtranny

#22 My Son’s Best Answer This Week

Image source: din7

#23 The Answer From A Guy In My Class On A Geology Exam

Image source: bahalolitsokay

#24 My Son, The Patriot

Image source: imgur.com

#25 Passed My PhD Exam Today

Image source: oozabooza

#26 My Mom Found One Of My Old Tests From Almost 20 Years Ago

Image source: Vascular_D

#27 How To Make Original Answer

Image source: ANTONIN118

#28 The Answer To This Question

Image source: RavelOnePiece

#29 I’d Say This Was The Correct Answer

Image source: CeleryHater

#30 Sounds About Right

Image source: PizzaSaucez

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