20 Hilariously Bad Bird Photos, As Shared On This Facebook Group

Published 12 months ago

Bird photography is a fascinating hobby enjoyed by many nature enthusiasts, but it doesn’t always go as planned. It may come with its challenges and give rise to unexpected and hilarious moments.

Sometimes, the birds have a mind of their own, leading to amusing and unexpected moments that can turn a serious photo session into a lighthearted and comical experience. A Facebook page called ‘Crap Bird Photography’ shares those hilarious bird snapshots. Check out some of their funniest pics in the gallery below.

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#1 “You Took My Wetlands; I’ll Take Your Breakfast”

Image source: Sharna Clemmett

#2 I Guess Two Halves Make A Whole?

Image source: Isabelle Watson

#3 I Wasn’t Going To Let A Failed Photo Put Me Off

Image source: Baz Collis

#4 Lovely Photo Of A Twig, Not Quite What I Wanted, Thanks Camera

Image source: Julie Dall

#5 “Mom, Jimmy’s Trying The ‘Land On Your Tippy-Wing Tik-Tok Challenge’ Again…”

Image source: Don MacKay

#6 Officer, He Went That A Way!!!

Image source: Neil Reid

#7 When I First Saw This Swan, I Thought It Was In Serious Difficulty – Then I Realized It Was Waving, Not Drowning!

Image source: Terry McKenna

#8 “Yoo Hoo! I Say! Hello! Please Look This Way….” To No Avail

Image source: Leesa Gawler Steyn

#9 When In Rome… Take A Crappy Picture Of A Bird. *Photo Credit To My Son. It’s A Proud Day

Image source: Hope Stamback

#10 Jackson Pollock The Golden Eagle

Image source: Tomoko Shimotomai

#11 It’s Got 2 Legs, One Head But There’s Just Something Strange About This Bird

Image source: Vicki Cheshire

#12 Puffin In Flight – Nailed It (Partner Thought It Was Part Of The Island)

Image source: Amy Perrett

#13 Wrong Legs!

Image source: Jacob Krijt

#14 Just A Bird Taking A Bath

Image source: Raq Melluish

#15 I Think There Was A Smudge On My Lense

Image source: Benjamin Lee

#16 Bathtime Makes For Awesomely Crap Photos!

Image source: Bill Vandendool

#17 The Lesser Spotted Parasol Gull

Image source: Gem McGuire

#18 And, The Legs Have It

Image source: Keith Stedman

#19 They Stayed Like This For Minutes Without Moving At All! What’s Crap… Is The Cigarette Butts They Were Having To Step Over To Get To Their Shiny

Image source: Amanda Christy

#20 That Is One Pi$$ed Off Little Egret. The Face On It

Image source: Reet Eaton

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