30 Times People Accidentally Captured ‘Giants’ In Their Photos

Published 3 years ago

Most of us take hundreds, if not thousands of pictures every time we go on trips, and probably end up looking at them maybe once or twice at most. However, sometimes we accidentally end up capturing photos so good, we can’t wait to share them with the whole world.

People are sharing photos where they accidentally ended up making people look like giants, and these optical illusions will mess with your mind. Check out some of the best ones in the gallery below, and if optical illusions are your thing, see our previous posts here and here!

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#1 My Boy Climbing An Old Rotten Tree Stump Looks Like A Giant Climbing Mountains

Image source: AidenAsh15

#2 Already Tall (7 Ft Or More) Friend Accidentally Takes Optical Illusion Photo

Image source: pixelpoetry

#3 My Friend Looks Like A Giant

Image source: Nvr2Much

#4 This Woman Seems As If She’s A Giant Lounging In The Ocean On A Large Mountain

Image source: Ahowardusf

#5 This Picture Of A Friend Hiking Makes Him Look Like A Giant Sitting Amongst Mountains

Image source: Pork_9

#6 Our Tour Guide Took This Photo Of Our Group At Angkor Wat

Image source: skibblez_n_zits

#7 Tiny Kid, Giant Dad

Image source: ziggystarfist

#8 Does This Count?

#9 I Took A Few Shots At Lake Louise Today And Google Offered Me This Panorama

Image source: MalletsDarker

#10 The Way My Friend’s Uncle Is Sitting Makes Him Look Like A Giant

Image source: rex1991

#11 A Giant Hanging From A Waterfall

Image source: basshead541

#12 My Brother Looks Like A Giant In This Easter Pic

Image source: josephninety

#13 Giant Lady Leans On Building

#14 Thank You, Google

Image source: skoser

#15 This Optical Illusion Makes My Friend Look Like A Giant

Image source: speedota

#16 We Were Taking Photos One Day On A Beach In Mexico

Image source: SarahPalinsBallsack

#17 The Optical Illusion Of This Photograph Makes It Look Like There Is A Micro-Human Next To My Mate

Image source: emmaensign

#18 Giant Baby

#19 My Friends Look Like Giants

Image source: KidKuiper

#20 A Giant At The Muscle Beach

Image source: tomatopickle

#21 The Lighting At My School’s Talent Show Made This Picture Look Photoshopped

Image source: mirandaconpete

#22 This Photo Makes Me And My Friends Look Like Giants In A Forest

Image source: marcusbrothers

#23 Took This Photo, Later Realized That She Looked Huge

Image source: clarkhodgins

#24 My Friend Took A Photo Of Me Sitting On A Wall That Ended Up Looking Like A Giant Sitting On The End Of A Pier

Image source: LitZippo

#25 Accidental Forced Perspective Makes Me Look Like A Giant

Image source: bradcrc

#26 This Picture My Brother Took In Ireland Makes It Look Like He’s A Giant Walking Around The Countryside

Image source: Julius__PleaseHer

#27 I Look Like A Giant In This Picture

Image source: PabloVermicelli

#28 Illusion At Mt. Woodson

Image source: Mrithu

#29 My Grandfather Looks Like A Giant In This Photo

Image source: sjm2525

#30 I’m Not A Giant , I’m Just Installing New Flooring At A Pre-School

Image source: giceman715

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